Friday, May 30, 2008

My Sweet Baby

Isn't she sweet? Hubby took this at her sweet sixteen party last month. It was beautiful!!! I had committed to a party at a nice country club with one of her best friends who was also turning 16. My parents didn't want us to cancel, so they paid for my half & I will pay them back later. So nice for them to do that for her. We had 80 teens show up!! What a night.

So I am very happy today. Didn't start out that way of course (baby up at 3:30 wanting to play, when is he going to sleep through the night? Almost 19 months now) but I have determined myself to be happier. So my husband got word today that he got another job, YIPEE!!!! A buddy's business went belly up & his homeowner needs someone to finish building the house. It's only in foundation & it's a monster. The house should be around $900,000 to $1 mil when it's done. Hubby won't get nearly what he would normally but who cares? It's money coming in and it's enough to pay the mortgage. He still has a basement to finish & some work from a bunch of tornados that came through GA last week. Thank you Lord. Still has some estimates out & hopefully they will hire him too. I am so relieved about that, it has just been so stressful not being able to pay the bills. The economy is killing us but God's economy is what I am relying on. God is our provider & although it has been extremely difficult to walk through the possibility of us being homeless, I see God blessing my husband's business & our family. Very very grateful. I have never felt so much stress & hurt in my life. My business is still slow, last month was horrible & this month is in the stinker too. I won't be able to pay myself again for the month of May but who knows what June will hold. A very nice customer of mine came in today and took home 2 paintings to try out. She called to say she loved them & will be in to pay later. I am hoping that means today but it's more likely to be tomorrow or a few days after that. I would like to have the sale before the month is over. It's really strange to work with people that have so much money they don't even realize the economy is bad. I am glad for them, it's nice to see people who aren't hurting and are happy. I wish them well.... I cater to their every whim. They like it & I like them to shop with me! It never ceases to amaze me how many rich people live in metro Atlanta. They are everywhere!!! We have never been rich but my house is totally killer. Hubby built it & called in several favors so that means nice free stuff. Anyway, there is just sooooo much $$$$ around here. Amazes me. One of my very wealthy ladies took a snake out of my store this morning too. It was a real hoot. I was freaking out & she happened to come in. My hubby is scared of snakes too so he was just staring at the snake. Well mega rich lady in all her fine garb takes a look at the snake as I am trying to hold her back, she just walks right up to it, picks it up and takes it out the back of the store & puts it in the grass. I laughed so hard, what a sight!!! I was extremely grateful to her & my husband is at home now trying to pry his dingle berries back out of hiding. HA HA!!!

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