Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moving The Store Around

I have been so busy this week!! Let me start off by saying that on this past Saturday I did more in sales on that one day than I had done all week!! Wow!!! I was having a kinda slow day which I was expecting because it was the first Saturday after the last day of public school. So I just began to pray to God, I needed a certain $$ in sales to pay the store's bills and Saturday was the last day of the month, so I needed to do A LOT to pay my bills on Monday. Well, I just began to pray, not out of frustration as I usually do, I just prayed. God as usual knows what we need before we ask of Him and only a minute or two into prayer I had people just come in one after another and they all bought!!! I got so busy that I never did get to finish praying!!! How awesome is that? He knew what I needed, knew that I would pray & had people on the way to the store before I began to even pray. I like how He timed it out to start just after I started praying. It was like Him saying, Yes, I know your needs. Here is your blessing. Trust in Me. It was enough to pay all the bills & a couple of hundred left over. That got me to thinking, always before it was just enough, this time it was enough and then some. I had been wanting to go to a couple of Goodwill's & buy some new bookcases & props for the store. I didn't want new stuff, old & worn so it has character. I was going to sand & paint some things as soon as I could afford it. Well, God was so good to me. He gave me enough extra to go to Goodwill & what a coincidence, my hubby & kids were far away helping his Dad move & wouldn't be back til late so I had the freedom to go out after work & do just that & I did. The neat thing was that as I was driving I wasd praying & thanking God for the fantastic day of sales that I had. I was really happy, it's always been my dream to have my own home decor & gift store so it was just so much fun to be in there and have been so busy & laughing & talking with all the ladies. It was just so much fun to help everyone that came in! Then as I was praying, God just dropped a word to me, (How does he do that by the way? It's soooooo cooool! In a speck of time a whole idea or "conversation" is just deposited into your thoughts). I was just thanking Him for basically bailing me out again for the month and at the very last moment too. Talk about a Hail Mary for you sports fans. The word He dropped said, that I should not worry, just focus on being happy & having faith enough not to just believe but to also be happy in advance, not just when I receive the blessing. He will provide, He always has these last few months. Do not worry, be happy and He will continue to provide. He has shown His blessings on my family in a huge way in the last couple of months, my business so far has received the least of the financial blessings, thankfully hubby is pulling in some $$ for a couple of months atleast. I have just been so frustrated that sales have been soooo slow. So the amazing thing is that God has helped me because I am so anxiety ridden that I just am incapable of being happy without His intervention. I have begged him to heal me of this stress & anxiety many times for weeks. So anyway, Saturday turned out to be fantastic & oh me Sunday was great too. Monday & Tuesday were very nice and golly gee, I have had my 8 year old at the store all day with me ( usually a bad thing) and today I am happy too!!!! This can only be from God because I am generally a stressed out mess as my blog archives can reveal to anyone. I can't even hardly stand me sometimes. I am truly perplexed by this nice week I am having. Why????? I have had some moments of aggrivation but I am assuming this is normal?? I don't know, I am usually in a state of high anxiety & stress. That is what is normal for me. So this is fantastic, I am not having a good week in sales and I am not letting it bother me. How's that? Church is tonight!! Always a good time. Yea God!!

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The Nester said...

What a great reminder! Now I am DYING to come to your shop!! I need photos--I'm gonna look on your blog for some--your own store...lucky!