Friday, June 6, 2008

Still Moving The Store Around!! Almost Done

Here are some pictures of the store. I have been busy all week moving the entire store around! I am not done yet but I needed a break, so I
thought I would take some pictures. If anybody has any ideas feel free to let me know. Sometimes you can look at something for so long you lose perspective. A fresh look is always helpful.

This is part of my baby section.
Oopsies.... I just sold the pink blankie with the horses on it. Yea....

I sell a ton of these large picture frames with the phrases on them. I am so so low on them. Have more coming.

Looking out from my cash register.

For some reason
women around here love to give each other cutsy martini glasses so I am more than happy to accomodate them. I have these awesome coasters that are flip flops that fit on the glass like a shoe. TOO CUTE.

The blue bookcase is a Goodwill find, $15 and some blue paint.

This area is still a work in progress. I love the fabric, I just don't like how it's coming together. I think maybe more white tulle on either side. I am thinking maybe someting hanging on sides of the blue fabric to make it more like a cubby. It's just such a bright shock of blue. I am still working it all out. I wish I had someone in here to help me sometimes. Two heads are better than one. I was inspired by the Nesting Place and the Sparrow's Nest blogs to create a "Nature/Bird" section in the store. I have the most adorable salt & pepper shakers coming & they are birds. So so cute. Well, I am only half way done with this area but I hope it comes out well.
p.s. the blue fabric was a Goodwill find, $4.60 for a ton of it. I asked God to help me find some Robin's Egg Blue fabric while planning to go to Goodwill for a week, low & behold..... A TON of Robin's Egg Blue fabric just waiting for me. God is so nice to me sometimes.....

Too much of a shock of blue!! I won't give up, I'm keeping the fabric.

Added in some black plates I love!!

Had to walk away.... What does it need? Still have more product to add in too.

Love the sailboat lamp! Love the robin lamp!

Us Southerners are proud of our heritage!! I have matching aprons too, mother & daughter sizes.

I paid $3.60 at Goodwill for this chair. Black paint with a touch of Robin's Egg Blue smattered about.

Getting low on purses! I need more. I hate hate hate the Vera Bradley purses. I will carry anything but those, women around here love them but I get a headache looking at the patterns.

There's more.... Gotta Go.. Customers and all.

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The Nester said...

I love a shop that is packed full of beautiful things!!! Lovely! I love your chair display and your bags and martini glasses--how funny that is the gift of choice!

thanks for sharing your pretty shop--I've been waiting! my favorite job EVER was staging a gift shop! It's so weird that just moving stuff around--even if it's stuff you have had forever--highlights different things and makes things fresh! And sell!

do you ever read diva deb's blog? i think hers is the one all about shop displays--so fun! if you can't find it, email me and i'll send you a link!