Saturday, June 21, 2008

When Mimi Is In Charge

This is what happens when you leave your mom in charge of the baby so you can take a bath.

Oy Vey.

What you don't see is his entire lap covered with cake crumbs.

How many times do I ask her not to give Mr. B cake to eat by himself? Yet here he is. Now Mr. B needs a bath. I'm not mad...... it's cute...... just wish she'd quit doing it. Rice too. She knows I don't let him feed himself rice because it ends up in his lap and then all over the floor of my family room. My breakfast area is no more because it is his play room. So he eats in the family room. I'm not sure but I think my mom is secretly mad at me because she keeps putting rice on his plate. Even after I have already made him a plate she will sneak it over. Atleast he has enjoyed himself. Stinker.

Okay I just noticed my barely has any water in it green pool behind Mr. B. Forgive please. My Dad was out there uncovering it and cleaning it & getting it ready for swimming in. Which it is now and we have enjoyed it everyday since.

It is Saturday today, I have my 16 yr. old out at the entrance to the shopping center holding a sign for my store. I am hoping she will bring in traffic. People are just on vacation or broke & not coming in. Which I really don't understand because store's like mine have plenty of really cute things for under $10. A lady just came in & bought a hostess gift for $7.99 & left with a beautiful gift bag all tissued up with a pretty bow (wrapping is free). It was a really cute linen guest/kitchen towel. It was really nice . It was a dark brown & was embroidered with pink stitching that said A.S.A.P. As Southern As Possible . Actually I may have a pic of them in my post about moving the store around. The point being she got a good quality gift that the person will love for $7.99 & didn't have to wrap it either. Another lady came in yesterday and bought a totally girly girl pic frame in hues of pink/black/white. Really girly girl & a fun pen that has feathers all over the top and a flower coming out of the feathers made up of big plastic petal looking pieces. Really cute. She left gift bag in tote for $10.52 including tax. Another lady bought 1 of my $1.99 girls bracelets form Molly & Me (really adorable!!) & a best friends necklace set for $6.99. She spent $8.98 & her daughter will get a neckalce out of it too because the best friend neckalce set gets split between the two of them. One for her, one for the birithday girl. I wish people wouldn't forget about us. Yard sales galore today on the way in. I hope they don't hurt me too much today.

The bright side being that I feel positive today, don't know why but I do so I will run with that. I have been praying a lot lately. So it is hard to be negative when you are in prayer most of your day. I just have to be careful not to mix my worship & praise for God with my pleas for His help in our lives. I still have to worship, I cannot just beg for His help which is hard because I need Him to help us so bad. What a whinner. I feel bad for those poor people flooded out of their whole towns. Praying for them too. I have also been praying for people who have hurt me in my life. I am still concerned my sin is inhibiting the blessing's of God. Since unforgiveness is the one mentioned the most concerning the prohibiting of the blessings of God I figure if I am praying for someone & praying for their happiness & a blessed life for them I can't not like them & harbor anything left over. So, it has been quite freeing actually. I have done it for 2 days now. Even a couple of ex boyfriends from WAY back who really hurt me. A lady in church who made fun of my weight, etc. It has been very freeing to pray for them. Jesus sure is a smart guy.


Sandi said...

I found your post while searching for girls bracelets.
Your store sounds delightful - maybe as people get ready to spend their incentive check - they will visit you.
Good luck.

The Nester said...

What a great deal for that hostess gift! I love those hand towels and they are usually $20!!!

I would love to come to your store!

The Nester said...

As a stager and redesigner, one of the ways they tell us to get business is to find a few kindred spirits and do things together.

for example,if I were still in business, I would go to a local shop like yours and get to know the owner and see if I can do a 15 minute talk on something like "freshing up your foyer" or whatever and it would be held at the shop and they would set up a few tables and we would all invite friends.

it would drum up business for both the store and the redesigner because both are "giving something" and becoming a place where people like to be.

Or maybe do a wreath how to where people come and pay but make their own feather wreath! Have them pay $39 but they leave with a wreath and refreshments. How fun would that be?

ocean mommy said...

I'm with the nester! Your store sounds incredible! I would love to visit and I'm all about looking for cute under $20 gifts right now. We have 6 b'days in July/August to buy for and 4 of them are women so I need ALL the girly stuff I can get my hands on!

Praying that God will continue speak to you during this time. :)


Still Learning said...

I thought I left a comment earlier thanking you for the store advice. I must be a real dummy today, I wonder where I left it. Anyway, I love the idea of doing an instore event with a demonstrator because they can also invite their contacts. I only have about 200 or so email addresses in my database. I am scared no one would come. I am really going to work on some ideas. I love the wreath suggestion, they are huge around here. I guess they are popular around the whole country. I think ladies could really enjoy that. I know I would. I am always trying to do something pretty on the door. Thank you so much guys!!