Monday, July 21, 2008

Deja Vous

You clean & you clean but it's always a mess!!!!
Okay so Sunday at church TOTALLY freaked me out!! After we got done singing we exited off the stage & out through a side door. (They have us go around through the halls to re enter the sanctuary through the back doors) . With the exception of a few footsteps at almost the EXACT location a re-enactment of what was the final straw for me that drew me out of the church for 2 and a half years was replayed before my very eyes with almost the EXACT same words...... but this time it had a different ending....... I hope. I just couldn't believe it. Without dragging it out..... this exchange was only just the final straw that broke my back..... Almost 3 years ago, after losing our choir director that we all loved so dearly, we had guest people coming every week until we found a new one. The week I am refering to was particularly difficult as the choir members were being embarrassingly difficult with the "guest" we had & it was doubtful as to whether we would be able to resemble anything close to a choir on Sunday. Somehow even though a portion of us had acted so horribly during both practices the Lord annointed the singing & praise & worship "ROCKED THE HOUSE!!", it was just beautiful. So along the back hall, I said to one of the alto front line singers that "Mauri sure would be proud of us." & she turned around to look at me and say all uppity like "NO, God would be proud, it's all Him, we need to be concerned with what HE thinks.". Why did she have to say that to me? She knew what I meant. Both practices many choir members acted so childish & refused to do what the "guest" director asked them to do but during service everyone was obedient & it was wonderful. So I just said nothing to her & to myself I said..... "I don't need this." After service was over I never went back, atleast not for 2 and a half years. So yesterday along that same spot, I heard one of the men say to another..... "Man, we sure pulled it out this morning." (We had been struggling to sing a new song & it sounded crazy in practice but for service it was great.) & the other guy turns around and says "NO, God pulled it out. It's all Him, not us.". I couldn't believe my eyes. The other guy said nothing for a moment like I did..... except, then he said (I could tell he was hurt just like I had been) "Man, you know what I meant." There was no response back & the man who had been hurt walked away to catch up with his girlfriend. I wish I had done that 3 years ago. I wish I had stood up for myself. She knew what I meant. Why do we as Christians feel we have to be so catty and correct someone in the church when they give a little credit for something done well to us as humans? What is the grand purpose of "correcting" someone for something so stupid as that. I heard Joyce Meyers talking about that very thing awhile back & she was saying how harmful it is to a fellow Christian when we do that. It is a simple matter of discernment to know whether a person is giving full credit to their human selves or just making a mere observation of how someone was able to pull something off. Yes, we know God's grace covers us & enables to do all things. It's just so harmful when someone makes an innocent statement & the person they are talking to wants to correct them & let them know they are wrong ..... at that point in the conversation who is more harmful? The person making an innocent observation or the person who is going to create harm with their correcting comments.

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Peggy said...

Jenn...I can hardly believe this is a CHURCH CHOIR!!! Very uppity people...they really did know what was meant BOTH times...It makes me recall people in my choir back home in MN that treated me unkindly
-thank God there were others that made up for their insenstivity.

I'm sorry but I believe those leading us in worship need to BE
leaders...meaning in their walk outside of their role or "robes" in this case...SENSITIVE to God's spirit and feeling of people.

C'mon people...GOD knows HE receives the glory...let's be KIND.

This is why there is so much strife and division in the Body!
This is what causes people to walk away from churches and thus GOD!
It never has been GOD...but people
who are suppose to represent HIM!

Get with the program people! Jesus is coming and your hearts of self righteousness and indignation have know place in HIS BRIDE-THE CHURCH!

Sorry Jenn for those who use the sword to cut others. Hang in there!
I hope that guy is able to brush it off and it's good he had a reply ready! You be ready if God forbid it happens again! Blessings

Thanks for your visit...Hope you are able to sleep & sleep this off
and sweep this demeanor God...out of your people...that should praise you in front of people and
at all times show Your love!