Thursday, July 24, 2008

A funny story

My 16year old's father is half french. His mother is french, born & raised. So that makes Lexi a quarter french. One day in the van we were discussing her French heritage. The fact that she was a quarter french was mentioned & my youngest girl then age 5 spoke up. "Mommy" she says. "Yes Honey" I say. She says " If Lexi is a quarter french, can I be a penny french too?".
Okay So I am excited today because I discovered I am not a freak after all. I was beginning to wonder. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE , you have to visit this link. I have finally figured out what is wrong with me. Sweet mercy. I am simply in the five stages of grief over my circumstances. Who knew? I am making this short. But he has a wonderful point & I know that this is what I am experiencing. I am glad to see that I am in stage four, only one left, acceptance. I can look back now on my blog & see myself transitioning through the anger part & into the depression. Depression stinks. I really am a funny person, how funny can you be when you are depressed? I like to prank call my husband A LOT!!! I have so much fun with him. Haven't done it in awhile, maybe I will suprise him. I have suffered a church hurt, almost a mortal wound. That is what his link is concerning but I was just astounded by the wisdom in this. I am just so thrilled to know that I have not become a depressed whiner, I am simply grieving a loss. I am grieving my circumstance & it is normal & okay. Hurray!!! BTW, I am left with no choice but to visit the salon 2 doors down & have my hair colored to fix my mommy's hatchet job ( I am just kidding, she did the best she could) on my hair. I will post pics tomorrow or tonight of my new doo. Yea, me, I am not weird after all.

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ocean mommy said...

A penny French...that is just too cute!

And I'm glad that you are beginning to realize what we've all known!! YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!! more than the rest of the blogworld! :) I believe that God is just preparing you..getting your ready to help others who are grieving. I know there are still ups and downs, but you just keep pouring your heart out like you have been! Keep bringing all of it before Jesus..He knows it all anyway!!

Can't wait to see picutres of your new "do"!!!