Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting Into Shape

Today I am going to make a stand for my health. I am going to openly embarrass myself & proclaim my weight. I am going to take every available moment to move my body.
I have been skinny & fit most of my life. Most of my life I weighed between 113 & 118. When I got pregnant with the third one I never lost the weight & I gained from there. It has been very hard on me to weigh so much. I have gained 20 pounds since Feb. since we are poor now & have to eat such cheap food which is almost always fattening & my baby is wild so you can't leave him alone for a second so I sit. I sit & get fatter & eat cheap fatty foods. My clothes are too tight & hurt me. This is not tolerable any longer. I joined a gym last year but I opened my business & between that & nobody would watch the baby I gained back the 20 lbs I managed to lose. My membership has expired & I am not able to afford another one. But I can bear myself no longer so I decided accountablility is the best way to go. If I state my weight on this blog & continue to give updates I will feel like I have something to work for. I certainly wouldn't want to report week after week that I had lost nothing. So I have determined that Mondays are to be my weigh in days & I will report how I have done for the week. Maybe I can even get a little group together to do this with me. I have always had to work hard to lose every pound, weight loss & management was never easy for me. I must say in my 20's I had it going on. I was so thin, I was very very toned. I can remember going to restaurants many many times & having my meals paid for by men in the restaurant. Now if I was to state that to someone looking at me they would laugh their tails off. I couldn't blame them. I used to have men wanting to give me things & pay for stuff for me & they were total strangers. Which just goes to show you men really are weird. Can you see a woman doing that???? NO. But alas, my body is not so pretty anymore. I don't like it very much at all. So instead of complaing about it anymore as I have been fat now for 8 years I am going to be thin again. I will be 39 in December & I hope to have lost atleast 30 pounds by then. It will be difficult as I never lost weight easy but I am deteremined to completely embarrass myself in order to redeem myself with a much nicer weight to report than what I am now. SOOOOOOOOOO, today, I weight 193.5 lbs. Monday I will weigh in again. I am determined to be thin & healthy again. YES!!!!!!!


Mrs. H. said...

Good luck Still Learning! You can do it - one day at a time. :-)

ocean mommy said...

You can do this!!!

Praying for you!