Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Shopped Til I Dropped!!!!!!

I am still giddy with excitement over my shopping trip to the Atlanta Gift Mart yesterday!!!!!!!!!
It was sooooo wonderful. Oh the things I bought...... I am very excited over my vinyl wall art purchases. It is a new line that has been perfected. They are beautiful sayings that you apply to your wall & it looks like it was professionally painted onto the wall. They have been around for awhile but never looked quite like paint, well these look exactly like they are painted. I bought several sayings & they come packaged in great tubes with a bow on them so they are perfect for a gift even. I found some great new wall art/signs. Gorgeous large picture frames with pictures and or words on them, I always kick booty with those & the suppliers did not disappoint with they new lines out this July. Fabulous jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!! Purses galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matching flat wallets even!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, they even have giraffe & zebra flat wallets to match your giraffe & zebra purses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge around here. I bought a new line of little girl/boy shoes that squeak when they walk. Sounds annoying I know but they retail for $24.99 & look like the very expensive mall shoes & the squeaker can be removed in about 10 seconds if you want. Not too loud & it is for the really little ones so you can keep track of them, they are packaged great & are soo soooooo great looking. Wonderful children's gifts. Monogrammed travel mugs, monogrammed ribbon key chains, yes, even monogrammed children's large sip cups with the straw built into the lid that playtex makes. How hoity toity will you 4 year old be walking around with their monogrammed playtex drink cup!!!!!!!! For boys & girls!!!!!!!!!! I got some great bath wraps, so so pretty surely no one will be able to resist them. Beautiful baby gifts!!! Oh & the painted martini & wine glasses!!!!!!!!!!! Oy vey!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly contain myself. I am going back on Friday ha ha ha, I am feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. I had such a wonderful day, I laughed all day, I smiled all day, I was so happy. I had no stress, I was happy plus, I was in retail heaven. I put ship dates of November on everything so now as I can afford to bring in all my lovelies I will call the manufacturer & move up the ship date. No stress for me, it's all ordered & all I have to do is wait for the current stuff to sell & replace it with whatever category needs filling in. Oh, the joy of it all. I did not purchases any home decor in the way of accessories, sad to say. That is my favorite part of the store but of course with the economy the way it is I am purchasing more gift items than Home Decor. Home Decor used to be my number one or two category & now it is not even on my top five. Artwork, gifts, purses & accessories, candles & aroma lamps are my top 5 now. I can't wait to go back!!! Now all I need is a herd of women to come in & buy me out so I can bring it all in. I can dream can't I?

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ocean mommy said...

sounds wonderful!!! Monogrammed sippy cups! TOO cute..where were those when I had toddlers! I don't think my 10 and 7 year old would be too crazy about those today! ;)

I'm praying that you have several wonderful days of sales so that you can start getting your fresh stuff in! I know I'm starting to look for Christmas gifts and that stuff sounds wonderful!

Thanks for your encouraging words today on my blog...:)