Monday, July 14, 2008

Lollipops & Visions

This is a view of the outside of my store. My 16 year old thought the Lollipop tree should be moved to the window so anyone walking by with a kid ..... well ..... um.... the kid would want the lollipop & beg their parents so of course the parents would come inside to buy one and maybe something else. We weren't done adjusting the display yet when a granny & her grandaughter spotted it and came in to buy one. Yea!!!!

So Saturday was really cool, about 30 min before closing I was praying and asking God to please help me with my sales. It was a horrible day in sales Friday & Saturday was slow too. So nothing happened. Then as I was closing up & bringing in all the oil paintings I have outside I prayed to God and I told him that I didn't understand why He wouldn't tell me if keeping the store was His will for me or not. I told him I was tired of fighting for it & why would He not just tell me what He wanted me to be doing. If He wants me in the store why isn't He helping me out financially or I will be closed soon. I told Him when I was praying the 30 min before I closed that I knew He could double my sales in the next 30 min. if He wanted to. So as I was closing up I reminded Him of that.... I told Him that I was closing but I knew even still that He could still double my sales for the day if He wanted to.... I would just leave the open sign on until I was ready to walk out the door. Well..... as I was bringing in the oil paintings a lady came in. I didn't think anything about it really. I have a lot of oil paintings outside so I was busy with that & I had the door propped open. So just as I get done bringing them in another lady walks in. I should've been closed 10 minutes ago by that point. I went in to ask the ladies if I could help them & they both said yes. I was busy helping them & chatting & enjoying their company so I really wasn't focused on how much they spent. I was very excited that they both bought something & I thanked God so much for the extra sales! Then as I was closing out the cash register I got my calculator & took my total for the day and subtracted what I knew I already had in sales before the 2 ladies came in, and it was DOUBLE! I know my eyes bugged out of my head. How awesome is that? He doubled my sales with 2 ladies in exactly 30 minutes just like I prayed. The difference was less than 10 cents and it was 10 cents over, not less. I was crazy giddy after that, no way was that anything other than God. YES!!!!

So Sunday at church was odd after that because I was still riding on my "blessing high" when one of the men of church who is also in the choir approached me. He knows practically everything, he is amazing. So he told me he was preaching Sat. night & at the end of service he had a vision concerning me. He told me in his vision the choir director laid hands on me & that was all he said. So after morning practice I asked him what the vision was & he didn't want to tell me, all he said was that it concerned depression. He didn't want to tell me anyhting else. So I was confused about that.... After service during alter call our pastor also asked for anyone who had a specific need in their life that they needed a move of God for to come down so he could pray for them. I came down & then the man who is also an alter worker turned around to smile at me. How did he even know I was behind him? He never turns around from praying for somebody, I have known him for years. So anyway, he comes over to me after a couple of minutes & tells me that he has asked our choir director to come over & lay hands on me to fulfill the vision. She came down & prayed over me & said things I don't know how she could've known unless God gave it to her. Then the man came & prayed also as she was and said I was being set free. What a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!

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ocean mommy said...

Sweet Mercy that is incredible!!! GIRL, I bet you were having some church up in that store Saturday evening!!!! THAT IS SO LIKE OUR GOD!!!

You have just lit my fire this afternoon thank you!!!

Lord Jesus thank you for hearing us! Forive me for ever doubting that you do hear and do care about each thing going on in our life! THANK YOU for doubling sales on Saturdy! WOW you are so good. Would you do it again today for her? Thank you for this blog community and the sistership it brings! In Jesus name....

blessings girl!