Saturday, July 26, 2008

New DOO 2

I almost forgot.. I found a website a few years ago that is incredible. I try to share it with ladies when I can & my recent hair fiasco has reminded me of it again.
You MUST visit this website if you are EVER thinking of changing your hairstyle. It is a couple of bucks.... either 15 or 30..... can't remember right now & I am busy.... no time to check....
But..... you take a digital photo of yourself with your hair pulled completely off your face & download it to the website. You can THEN put several hundred types of hairstyles onto your face. You can customize your type of hair color & the results are amazing!! I have done it before & it worked beautifully. When you find a style for your hair type that you like, you print the page & take it to your stylist so they can see it. LOVE IT!!
If nothing else, this site is sooooo much fun to play with. My husband always has fun putting dredlocks on me. Isn't he funny.

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