Friday, July 25, 2008

A New Doo

Much better.
Ha Ha, I am still laughing.

This was really embarrassing at the salon.
I kinda like these streaks.
The prostitute garish blonde is no more. This is much better. Yes please.
Now this part is still a little weird. I can live with it. I thought maybe she left the color on a little too long? But since we saw how much worse it was the other way I will certainly not complain.
Hubby was a little shocked by the darkness. He likes me better full throttle blonde. Full throttle blonde costs $$$. He gets a honey blonde for now.
I just finished my Joyce Meyers book. The Secret To True Happiness. The last two chapters were my favorites since I think they were written for me. They were titled: Take Your Hands Off & Embrace Tomorrow. Wonderful chapters.
I was driving home last evening & I was reflecting on my day. I had a really nice day. My business sales are horrible, this is the worst week in sales I have had since I opened in November. I am calm about it for some strange reason, could it be the grace of God???? Hhmmm.... I was thinking about how many times during the day I had stopped & enjoyed a moment. A wonderful breeze was blowing at the Publix & it was shady & cool & I stopped to enjoy it. Never would have done that before. I was just enjoying moments during the day many times. That is new for me, not to have good moments but to actually STOP what I am doing & enjoy that moment. Definitely a God thing. Thank you God.

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Mrs. H. said...

You look lovely, your thoughts are lovely, and your attitude is lovely. :-) Have a lovely weekend!