Saturday, July 26, 2008


I just read an email from a friend. It was a nice story & at the end it said this.

Happy moments, praise God.

Difficult moments, seek God.

Quiet moments, worship God.

Painful moments, trust God.

Every moment, thank God.

I printed it & am posting it in my work area. It is easy to learn a lesson & quickly forget it. It is also easy to forget things we should not. This will be my reminder.

We have a series of channels through our cable that are all religious. We have very few Catholics around here, even fewer Jewish people. But there is a Catholic channel. There is a show on the catholic channel that is so fascinating to me that every time I come across it I have to watch it. It is simply all of the nuns gathered together in their chapel area and they are doing what I am assuming is the rosary. Did I spell that right? It is fascinating to me. The head nun reads a passage & they will repeat the same thing over & over. Sometimes it is switched up to different passages & then a different response is repeated over & over. My husband was raised Lutheran/Catholic & he is offended by my watching this. He says I am ridiculing them, making fun at them. I am not. I just don't understand it. I want to understand what they are doing. I don't get how someone can think saying something over & over will result in having their sins forgiven. It doesn't make sense to me & it's not in the bible anywhere so where do they get that from. Every time hubby catches me watching it he gets upset with me. I don't understand why & last night was no different. Maybe because he was raised in it, I know he was confirmed & stuff. My baby saw it for the first time last night & he was very scared by it. He ran screaming to his daddy. Daddy brought him over to the TV again & he got scared so I changed the channel. I found that extremely intriguing. I don't understand a lot of things about the catholic religion. I don't understand why most people will just blindly believe what they know from their youth & never seek out full truth for themselves. This goes for everyone. I know some deep south southern baptists who have always been taught that as wives they must make dinner, make a plate for the hubby, bring it to him, wait for him to eat & when he is done eating then the women may eat. WHAT??????? They say it's in the Bible. I have only found one place in the bible that comes close to mentioning something like this process but it wasn't even about food. They do not wear pants either. Mom & I are harlots because we don't do this & we wear make up. Gasp. I am not directing my inquiries at the catholics only.... hubby says I am being judgemental. I don't see it that way.... I am trying to understand why people do what they do. What makes them believe what they do. I am an analyzer, I am a questioner..... I would have made a great lawyer. People get mad at me a lot about this stuff..... they don't want to answer my questions. I used to have a young girl that was Wicken work for me. She knew I had a strong relationship with the Lord, she used to be a Baptist & during a study learned about the wicken & changed religions. She used to try to shock me, make me a little frightened that she could do something to me. I would laugh & tell her that I gave her religion no power over me, I am under the authority of Jesus, my Lord. I tried to steer her back.... she knew I was going to fire her..... she quit first..... I wonder what happened to her. I was glad she was gone but I wished that I could've helped her. Personally I think she just liked the excitement of feeling empowered by that religion. We have witches that come to our church. They say they are cursing our church & us. Whatever. Now we have people walking the grounds during all service times praying & they all have those ear thingies like the secret service so they can communicate with each other. We have had the KKK show up, they don't like it that there a black people at our church. One time we had a dance conference at the church several years ago...... we had some black churches come...... the KKK about fell over, they came but so did the cops & that was that. We've had security ever since..... I don't understand people.... I don't understand many religions & the many denominations within Christianity. Surely we are not ALL right? Who is? Is any one denomination correct? I am still fascinated by the nuns. I am also fascinated by two types of music. Catholic choir music sounds evil & scary to me & it is supposed to rooted in Christianity but Indian as in India music sounds very spiritual & beautiful to me, it is calming & makes me feel compelled to think of God & pray but it is rooted in the muslim faith. Strange. My ex husband is going to marry a catholic lady. I feel sorry for her, but maybe if we become friends she can tell me about all this stuff.... I have never ever found a catholic who would answer any of my questions... especially the hubby. I had an assistant once who was catholic..... he would not even discuss it with me. Maybe it's me... I ask hard questions but they can feel free to ask me hard questions too. I don't know why everyone has to get all mad at me.


Mrs. H. said...

Never stop questioning. That is how we learn. I have found, too, that many people will not discuss why they believe what they believe. I think in those cases most often it is because they don't know - it's just what they have always been taught. I've never understood why people that don't agree with me don't want to talk with me or help me to see why they believe what they do. There is nothing more important in thsi world than someone's soul. You make such a good point about asking why do churches do things that aren't in the Bible? If people ask me why I do or believe something I want to be able to answer their question with scripture. It shouldn't be what I think is right - it should be what the Bible says, and being able to answer can only come by studying the scriptures and knowing for ourselves what is really truth. The Bible tells us "to always be preapred to give an answer to everyone who aks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." I Peter 3:15 Keep questioning, keep asking, keep studying. Even those who don't want to answer you or get upset with your sincere questioning, have probably been made to think about their beliefs and possibly began to study on their own, even if you are never aware of it.

Mrs. H. said...

P.S. I thought that was so funny that we were both thinking about dishes this morning!! :-) Please let me know if you try the lemon chicken.

Mary Ellen (Carolina Momma) said...

You were probably watching EWTN - The Eternal Word Television Network. I believe it is broadcast out of Alabama.

The rosary actually is a meditation on the life, suffering and death of Christ. As Catholics, we believe our sins are forgiven by Christ's death on the cross. You can find the words of the rosary and other info about the Catholic faith on, if you're interested!

I was actually raised Southern Baptist but converted to Catholicism as an adult. My husband is a cradle Catholic but wasn't practicing when we got married. Seven years of God's prompting led me to the Catholic Church. I always tell people my Baptist upbringing gave me a strong foundation. But I found the fullness of my faith in the Catholic Church!


Mary Ellen (Carolina Momma) said...

Regarding defensiveness, I don't mind if someone asks sincere questions because they are curious. Religion is of great interest to me and I imagine it can be the same for others as well. But I think what makes some uncomfortable is when someone is asking not because they are truly interested but because they simply want to prove you wrong.

I had that situation happen with me and a former co-worker. She was Evangelical and wanted to save me from the Catholic Church. Once I made it clear to her my faith wasn't up for debate, we were actually able to talk about things and she found we shared similar views on many issues. And we're still friends to this day even though we no longer work together.