Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday Was Fun

Yesterday was a great day! All things went well yesterday except for one & it didn't happen until 2:30 this morning so technically that is today. So yesterday I had a wonderful day in sales. I did in one day more than half of what I did for the whole week last week. Which isn't saying a whole whole lot, because for June & July my sales have been a third of what they were. But..... wow...... I was so so happy. It was a great day, people came in and bought & they were all repeat customers. I sold another one of my big frames with the sayings on them. That's $59.99 for each one of those lovlies. They are my best moving item. They turn very quickly for me. These necklaces are new too. I already sold the silver one shown hanging. They are glass jewelry. Every time I wear any of my glass jewelry I get tons of compliments. These babies are only $14.99. I have them by the purses & lotions, I hope they go quickly. It was just so wonderful to have sales again.... I was jumping up & down when everyone left & I was thanking God so much. The pastor of our church called all business owners down to pray over us Sunday, I wondered if that was favor from the church's prayers for us. I want to be able to give richly to my church...... Anyway, I was thrilled. I am praying that favor continues. I need it Lord knows.
I also got to minister a little to the young lady next to me. She has been having men problems since I have known her. She has girlfriend problems too. It's pretty simple, she gets a boyfriend and all her friends want to sleep with them. Don't we live in a wonderful society? So yesterday I really began to lay a foundation with her about her choice of people she surrounds herself with & also about beginning a prayer life. I have talked with her before about God... I know she believes in Him, don't know if she is "saved" yet. I felt moved to lay a foundation with her. When I suggested she begin to pray to God about finding a man with integrity she seemed suprised. She asked if you could do that. So explained a little about prayer to her. I didn't want to overwhelm her or seem preachy. Just a few sentences ago she was telling me about being at a strip club with her friends & being drunk & was making fun of the pimples on the strippers butts. Gross. So it didn't feel right to do anything other than lay a foundation with her. Giving milk to a baby of sorts. Let her soak it in. She seemed interested and said she may have to try that. I hope she does, if she can begin a dialog with God, with Jesus, it will come. I will be adding her to my prayer list. I was really happy that God let me minister to someone, I have been asking & asking for Him to use me. So I got what I asked for. What may seem so small could be huge. We don't know, we must simply hope to be able to hear & feel the promptings of the Lord & recognize opportunities to witness. I am so glad to have had that opportunity as it has been awhile.
So yesterday I told my husband & my mom that I felt like God wanted me to go over to the teen building & help out & they laughed at me. One of them told me I should ask God if He was sure who He was talking to. Ha ha, very funny. I was shocked by their reaction.... now if I had said God wanted me to help out in children's church I could understand. But the teens..... come on. No way am I ready for children's ministry. My family overwhelms me a lot, I have said that before, I can admit that. My life is stressful, my chilren are never quiet & always want something.... welcome to motherhood. I am overloaded much of the time, especially with the baby and all. I am however a very good mother, I do know that if I know nothing. I spend lots of quality of time playing with the kids & not veg'd out in front of the TV. But judging by their reaction I have more work to do than I thought as far as my ability to stay calm & not stress. Which is what I do a lot around home, or I used to, I have been changing & I can see it. So I guess I can't blame them a little but it still hurt. Some. I'm doing it anyway.
Could it be any hotter in Georgia? Last week was a scorcher & today is forcasted for 91. It is so so hot here. It is beautiful outside & sunny though. I live at the edge of the north Ga. mountains so I have some pretty awesome views. Love it!!

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Blissful Nikki said...

Congrats on your sales! I know all about the heat! It was 105 here yesterday and 103 here today! I was DYING!!