Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Mornings

Tropical Storm Fay had these tall trees blowing hard.

The view from my covered porch. It was so cool & breezy that I had to have my morning coffee out back to watch the breeze blow through the trees.

I did that while the family did this...

And this..

It was such a nice Sunday morning. So cool & breezy. I was woken up at 6am by my little one crying. I put him back to sleep & laid there for an hour getting aggrivated that the only day I can sleep past 6am I am up at 6am. So at 7 I decided to get up & try to enjoy my quiet morning. The coffee was awesome and as I sat on my loveseat I noticed the breeze outside. The trees were gorgeous & I could hear all of the leaves rustling... it sounded like Heaven to me. So out I went to the covered deck. It was so peaceful & I felt like it was a little gift from God. I am always asking Him for peace.... Then I ended up on the downstairs patio with my mom. She apparently came out to enjoy the breezy morning too. So we admired the flowers still in bloom & watched the squirrels play in the trees. My dad of course came out to aggrivate my mom with political talk which she can't stand. He must hate Bush more than anyone I know. He cracks me up, I don't like Bush either but my dad takes the cake. So after we chased him away it was quiet again. What a beautiful Sunday morning.

Home School Alert

My husband says he has had enough of our 11 year old son Brandon not fitting in with the other kids & he wants him homeschooled. Period. My son is not aggressive at all, he is very peaceable. The kids in our area especially the boys are very aggressive & somewhat obnoxious. Brandon is also a little shorter than the other boys. He hasn't hit his growing spurt yet. He is mega extremely smart too, he loves to learn. So guess who gets picked on & called nerd. My son is not good at sports so that is what gets him picked on. All the boys here play sports & if you don't play you are an outcast. Period. At the game on Friday some of the boys were picking at him & throwing his hat between them so he couldn't get it. I saw it & ran over just as they threw the hat down on the ground & Brandon was trying to pick it up & one of the boys was kicking the hat away from Brandon. My heart sank. Jerks, picking on my kid like that. So it just came out.... I yelled at the kid.... "What the hell are you doing?". The kid looked up at me with shock on his face.. it was like no one had ever told him to stop doing something before. He just stood there with his mouth hanging open. Which I couldn't understand why he looked so shocked. It got really quiet, there were about 15 boys with him & then my son. So then I say to him "Cut it out." & he & the other boys run away. Jerks, all of them. The horrible thing about it too is that I am friendly with almost all of their parents. My husband coaches with most of their Dads too. Don't they know their kids are bully jerks, yes they do & the parents do NOTHING about it. One dad is even proud when his kid makes another kid cry. Jerks. I am very very friendly with the kid's mom who was throwing the hat & kicking it. The one I cursed at. Shame on me, it just came out. I was furious. I was so humiliated for my son. My son is a freakin red belt for pete's sake.... he is less than one year away from being a black belt!!!! Why is he so freakin peaceable all the time??? Why didn't he beat that kid silly? They know he won't & he is smaller than them so they pick at him.... Jerks. I want to beat them up, why doesn't Brandon? Brandon breaks boards in karate class with his feet & fists, I am horrible but I want him to beat the crap out of the one kid who is the biggest jerk. You know the one who I am friends with his mom. She knows he doesn't like my son, I don't know if she knows he bullies Brandon. I tried to talk to a couple of moms about it once because I go to church with them & I thought I should talk to them about hitting my son & picking on him. They were doing it in Sunday School too, he was getting bruises at church. Nice. Well, that didn't go well. After a chorous of "not my sweet baby" from both of them their opinion was that my son should be able to take care of himself or suffer the consequences. Of course one of those moms is the lady who a few years ago kept making the "fat comments" to me. I guess it runs in the family. Jerks. Then they told their sons that Brandon's mommy was complaining & to leave him alone because I was bugging them. So then they picked on him worse & called him a mommy's boy & tortured him. I had to pull him out of church. Nice. I really hate mean people & of course they both don't have to work & have plenty of money & get to be happy while I am a nice person & suffer. Makes me ill. I pray for both of those families almost every day. I have to or I will hate them, so I pray for them instead. Feels much better, but anyway..... my husband just called to say he has already enrolled Brandon in the Morning Star Christian Home School program. He is going to have online teachers because I am busy with the business & too impatient. I am going to clear out my backroom for him & I guess he can come to work with me every day. The great thing is the Tae Kwon Do ( is that spelled right?) place he takes classes at is in my shopping center & Brandon is in Leadership Club so he can go over at 3:30 when tiny tigers start class & help instruct. He loves karate so he will have a great time doing that & he will be around other kids from 3:30 on. I hope this works out... uncharted territory for me. What do I know about homeschooling?

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Mrs. H. said...

Hi Jenn,
I really enjoyed reading about your beautiful morning! Good luck with the homeschooling! A child that loves to learn will thrive with homeschooling. :-) Thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. I am touched by each one. You are really encouraging to me as I read how much you are growing and working through your struggles. I see Jesus in you. :-)