Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who We Are In Christ

My poor little Braxy doesn't feel good. I can see it in his eyes.

He likes to sit by the window as he "dines" to watch the birds & squirrels.

What a nasty stomach flu we have going around. I found the little stinker in his crib this morning butt naked. His little rump was sticking up in air in the fetal position. Men.

I heard a sermon recently on who we are in Christ. Then I read the Joyce Meyers book on true happiness & she talked about that too. I have been a Christian since I was very very little. I remember being around 8 & getting saved at Summer Camp. I have grown up in church & gone to a private Baptist church school even but I never understood what it meant when someone said the term "who you are in Christ". In fact it aggrivated me a little because I would always think... great, I have no idea who I am in Christ. The pastors just always said that we should know who we are in Christ. I thought it was something that each of us had to discover for ourselves. Wrong.
My pastor touched on it a little but the Joyce Meyers book really brought it home for me. Apparently who we are in Christ is all of the things we are & can be or have access to because we are saved & bought by the blood of Jesus. Who we are in Christ is having access to all of the great & wonderful things of God. It is an identity or a definition of the things we RECEIVE once we become children of God, brohters & sisters in Christ. It's kind of like knowing who I am as a daughter of Wayne & Karen, my parents. I know my place in their lives & what being their daughter entitles me to. I know who I am as the daughter of Wayne & Karen. Who am I in Christ.... it's a long list. I should have brought my book. I will list what she says tomorrow. I never knew who I am in Christ was not my identity in how I relate to Christ. It is just what I have become once I was saved. It is important to know who we are once we are in Christ ( I like it put that way better ) so we can remain strong & know all that we have access to. The enemy is always around & when he comes a calling we have to know who we are as Christians to defeat him & not fall away. It was a great aha moment when she defined it all much better than I have. It's so nice to know finally what that means. I wish I had asked someone now, of course they might not have known either...

The business next to me is closing. She is behind as of Sept. 1, 3 months rent. They did not even wait until the Sept. rent was due to serve her court papers. My landlords are real sharks. So they are taking her to court Sept. 2. She has to pay all rent due or get out. She is in tears. I hate this. Nobody is spending money. My sales last week were half of what I had done each week the two weeks prior. I have done no sales today at all. The two days earlier are not even what I usually do in one day. We are all going down. The other store next to me is sinking fast too. She will go down next. I am scared I am next. Then my landlord will sue me for the remainder of my lease. But if it is God's will for me to be here then it will be so. I keep telling myself that.

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