Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Church Aerobics

Last night was aerobics night again at church. It was a great workout. I had a lot of fun, everyone was laughing. Even the lady who makes the fat comments was very friendly & well behaved, I was very grateful for that. I am hoping to see some results from these workouts soon.

I had a great day of sales yesterday too. I haven't done that much on a weekday since May so I was very very grateful. I have already had some sales today so I am happy about that.

My hubby seems to be responding better to my new behavior patterns. I am not perfect by any means but I am doing my best. So last night he tells me that I will have to miss my workout night on Thursday because he has a baseball meeting of the board. To myself I am thinking " Oh no you don't!! This is my night, we agreed. I am fat & I need to workout. You can have your meeting anytime & you choose to schedule it on MY workout night.". But I don't say a word. I just looked at him while I thought those things for a few moments & I chose not to say a word. I said okay. I must have looked upset or he must have surely expected me to object because he seemed startled by my response. Then after a few minutes he comes back & asks me when I will be done working out & I tell him & then he says he will schedule the meeting for after the workout is over. He will drop the kids off at the church right as it ends & he can go to his meeting. That was great. I have learned a lot from Joyce Meyer's book about learning true happiness. I have never worded anything well if I am speaking on the fly but if I carefully consider my choice of words things go much better. Joyce really hammered that in to me. Choosing one day, one moment at a time to be happier. That is not always easily done, I guess it depends on each person. I have four kids, one of which is a wild whiny baby & they all play sports, my husband owns his own business & is President of a youth league & all of those things keep him so busy he doesn't do any cleaning, or household chores, only minimal cooking so my life is very very difficult as I work six days a week for FREE I might add. I have a lot of my plate, someone who say can stay at home with kids who are not toddlers & are in school would certainly have an easier time of finding the ability to be happier. It's all relative to our perspective though & mine is changing so that is great.

My son kind of got into a fight yesterday at Middle school. This one jerk kid who is always picking on him because he is not good at sports ( they played baseball & football together )& calls him a nerd because he excels at school & likes neo pets. Well, he was picking at my son again in class while they were in line to do something & he was calling him some name. Faggot I think. So my son is very patient & slow to get physical because of his Karate but I guess he had enough & he did a quick combination on the kid & that shut him up. Then the jerk kid has the nerve to get mad & tell him he can't use his karate on him, that it's not fair. Moron, it's fair for you to call him faggot & pick on him & push him but it's not fair for him to lay your butt out. So my son got himself some respect.... He had to do it once before, this kid was always picking on him & one day he threw a basketball at my son's head real hard. My son walked over to him & did a combination of punches in the kid's stomach & knocked him flat on his tail. The kid was all crunched over on his side. He never picked on my son again. All the boys were like dang..... That bought him about six months of nobody picking on him. I don't understand boys.

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Mrs. H. said...

I love how you reacted to your husband and how he responded! I know it's not always easy to do that, but aren't the results amazing!