Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun Friday

Someones in my stroller said Braxton!

Brandon, Braxton & a friend at the big game.

Ugh, I look terrible. Getting old stinks. See my frown lines etched in!! Ugh.

Alright!! School mascot's are cool.

Okay okay, just one more picture Lexi. The look says it all.

Go Grizzlies!!

My sweet lamb chops first Varsity game.

She is so skinny!! It kills me. We won our game 13-7. Hurray!! The game had a HUGE breeze thanks to Tropical Storm Fay. I don't know how they could even throw the ball sometimes it was so so windy. It sure did feel good though, I felt like I was back in Florida again.

Weigh in Monday Report!! Ta dah, I actually have good news this week. I lost 4 pounds so I am now 192.5. Which is one pound lighter than when I started my workout routine & then proceeded to gain 3 pounds. I was so giddy after I looked at the scale this morning I couldn't believe it. Joy joy joy.

It is rainy today, Tropical Storm Fay has arrived kind of. It's a light rain, off & on but it's dark & cloudy. I don't know what the rain will do to my sales. I always tell myself that I am a child of God & I don't operate in the worldly realm. I operate in God's realm & nothing is impossible for God. Not even good sales on a cloudy rainy day. So I am hopeful. Last weeks sales were scary. Sales were half of what they have been for each week so far in August. Half!! What is that about? The tanning salon beside me is going to be out of business in about 2 months if things don't get better there. Then the landlord will sue her for the rest of the rent & she will be completely ruined. Nice. I don't know what is going on with me, I know God is for me, I know he wants me blessed & happy. I am in obedience to God, I am seeking Him & His kingdom & His righteousness. What more can I do? I really do wish all of this was easier, I wish I could understand so many of the things that I do not. I have never encountered something that I have had to struggle this long with.... I have learned so many lessons in all of this. But I am still in it so I ask myself & God, what else am I supposed to be doing or learning? I still say that I have so much faith that God can do what needs to be done ( whatever he chooses to end it. ) that I am always a little shocked when nothing gets better or not much better & then it does but then it gets worse again. I used to have the will he doubt but I have moved past that to ponder why doesn't he? What am I missing in all of this? Surely there is a reason I am still suffering financial distress. I just need to know that the bills are being paid & can be paid. That's all. I just need some kind of security. It's just so stressful to not know if there will be any money to buy groceries with or pay the mortgage from month to month. My business is behind in rent & bills. I can't fix it on my own... it's too bad. It will take God or it will fail. The holiday's can't get here soon enough for me, I am needing money very very badly. I am also falling apart in the physical sense. I need to take better care of my body & can't afford healthy food to eat, I can't afford a decent moisturizer now, I could go on. But in it all, I remain hopeful & look to the Lord for my joy which is my strength. Praying for a blessed day all around. Praying for bills to be paid.

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Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Jenn, your children are just so beautiful! Congrats on the weight loss - great job!!

Hang in there. My husband works in retail so I know the ups and downs. But I'm sure its much more stressful when you're the owner of the business as well.

Have you read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover? It's been such a blessing to us with getting our finances in order.