Friday, August 15, 2008

Walking The Grounds

One thing I love about the South is that we can say y'all all we want to. And grits. I love grits. Northerners don't know what they are missing.

As it would happen, ladies aerobics was cancelled & they left a message on my cell phone even though they have my work number but since most people are glued to their cells, they called the cell. I don't like my cell, keep it in my car & rarely look at it so guess who showed up to work out. But it worked out beautifully. My choir director was there with another great lady & they had decided to walk the church grounds. As it would also happen one of our missionary's was also there. Apparently he comes to the church 3 times a day & told us that if we walk the entire paved area around the church 3 times it is one mile. He said he does it 3 times a day. The funny thing was that he was pushing an empty wheelchair as he was walking. So when one of the ladies asked him why he was pushing the empty wheelchair around he said he was taking Jesus for a walk. We laughed so hard, it was just the neatest thing. He is in his 50's & most probably uses the wheelchair for support. I have seen that old chair sitting on the grounds on the side of a building for awhile now & have wondered who uses that old rusty thing. Well, missionary man does. He comes every day to exercise his body & while he is there he takes his Jesus for a walk with him & talks to him. What an inspiration! He is also praying over the church, which is awesome. It really touched me. I wonder how many people drive by & see an older man walking around the church parking lot pushing an empty rusty wheelchair & think he is a nut. He's taking his Jesus for a ride. Things are not always what they seem, what a nice lesson. I will smile over that memory for a good while.

Just Be Nice

I say that to my baby every day, just about all night. Just be nice Braxton. Be nice. He is a real stinky poo. He cried & screamed for 45 minutes last night for no apparent reason. He wouldn't allow anyone to touch him, talk to him, nothing. If he heard anyone's voice he would scream no no no. So I tried to comfort him but to no avail. I tried to soothe him, be nice Braxy, be nice. It seems to be a recurring theme for me. Just be nice. I am really trying to walk in love as much as I can. It's hard to remember sometimes. Just be nice. How crazy that it's hard to just spend every moment being nice. Get yourself prayed up Jenn, stay calm, don't say anything negative. Don't get upset when the kids make you crazy or your husband is a doo doo head. Just be nice, if we could all do that what would this world look like. The evening news would be boring that's for sure. Let's all just be nice. Dear God, please give me the grace to stay calm during those daily little storms that arise. Let me show your love & your desire for us to love one another in all of my words & actions. Thank you for your mercy & I pray for the strength & your grace to remind me to show that same love, concern & mercy for others.

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