Monday, November 10, 2008

The Best Sunday!!

My childhood friend Tasha came to visit me all the way from Indiana this Sunday. Y'all, she flew in on Sunday at 9am & I dropped her off at the airport Monday at 5am. Now that is LOVE. What an adventure she had. It was just the best day for me & I hope it was just as nice for her too. I don't have any close friends anymore & it was just so wonderful to visit with Tasha again. We were such good childhood friends, she lived right behind me. We went to high school together too & it was always a treat when she drove me to school & I did not have to ride the bus. I especially liked her BMW, at 16!! she had a beamer. man. Anyway, she was always so sweet & she still is. My mom always loved her so much & my mom was so excited to visit with her again too. When I got back from the airport this morning my mom was waiting on me. She told me that she was awake at 3:45 am when we left but she didn't want to come up because she had started to cry. She was already missing Tasha. I wish I had known that, I looked downstairs before we left but I didn't see any lights. She was just sitting on the couch in the dark tearing up. Stinker. I would have taken her with us.
I was just so happy to spend the day with a friend & catch up on her life. To hear about her hubby & kids, that was really nice. I miss having a friend to be close to. Southern ladies are super kind to be sure but it sure is hard to find anyone who is not always running crazy like I do. Everyone around here is always busy, running around & stressed. Must be the clean air that makes us crazy. I miss Tasha already, I wish we lived closer. She got a first hand experience with my little crazy Braxton bear, I think she knows now that I do not exaggerate his stinkerness. He is a wild man. I was nervous for her to meet my kids, she is so soft spoken & gentle. I was afraid she would be shocked by my loud & talkative kids. Amber fell in love with Tasha as I knew she would,Amber was kind enough not to dispense with too much drama for the evening & it was fun. It was like a present from God to give me such a nice present as a visit from a true friend.

Another great thing was during my "snooze time" I was listening to Joyce Meyers preach on TV. WOW, she always hits a home run with me. It's like she has cameras in my house, she knows me girl. So I have been going on & on about my prayer life being hindered you know? How I keep trying not to bring up my dire financial needs & stuff, y'all I'd just like to pray again...... I have had issues with "begging" God. That was what she was preaching about.... another home run. She was just saying that I need to pray for my needs, God won't forget & then BELIEVE that God knows what is best for me. Then I need not to become a beggar. Y'all, I am a beggar. Begging at the throne of God. A beggar. She said to thank God for knowing my needs & beliving in Him & thank him for meeting my needs & loving me. HUGE!!!!!!!!! It was just so cool for her to talk about the whole begging thing. THEN...... she started talking about CONFUSION. I just posted about my whole confusion thing. She said that confusion was me trying to figure out something that only God knows the answer to. I will not find it. I am fuzzy on the rest. I am praying for God to do a replay of this soon again so I can get it all. It was a lot for me to take in. It was like the whole sermon was meant for me, I am so thankful for Joyce Meyers. She is totally tuned in to God for Him to flow through her like that. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I had such a wonderful visit, Jen. I love you and your beautiful family! Tasha