Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Look who is turning 2 tomorrow!!
This is his usual face, Braxton is always crying, yelling or whining. I have no idea why. My other 3 children are little angels. They had stinky moments but this little guy is stinky with angelic moments. See the wet stain on his shirt? He loves to take a drink & then spit it out on us, the furniture, the windows & sometimes he dribbles it down on himself. Why? No clue. But that's my Braxton. He is a challenge.
Today I have an ad that comes out in a local popular paper with a coupon. $20 off a purchase of $75 or more. I am anxious to see the paper when I get home. It is so freaking cold here today & yesterday that the parking lot has been deserted for two days. I am soooo hoping for a few people to come in. Nobody has been in today. Sigh.
I am feeling optimistic today still. That is amazing in itself. I am praying & believing in God's word & his promises. He came to me, He brought encouragement to me, I know it was Him. Obviously He wants me to know I will be okay. That's all I really need to know, it would be lovely of course if I woke up 60 lbs skinnier, the 2 year old was kind & sweet & my business began to thrive. I would certainly like that to happen. But, who knows the mind of God? I just have to believe that He is with me & He is looking out for me. He gave me such a kind gift on Monday. What a thrill!!! I am so hoping to see at least one Internet order come in today. That would make my day. Free shipping over $75, that's a good deal for Internet shoppers because they can email me several addresses & I will ship each gift individually & they don't have to do ANY work for the out of town presents. I am hoping. Anyway, I feel good. That's a miracle right there if anybody has read this blog for more than a week. HA!! I love to feel good.
If I have learned anything, I have learned how important it is to have relationship with the Lord. To study His word. Know God. It's easy to forget in distress & I am glad I had that base to fall back on. Thank you Lord for picking me up again. I am so hoping in you & all that you have planned for me. I am anxiously awaiting a happy life again!!

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