Monday, November 24, 2008

A Cool Blog

Along my travels on Saturday to find out what people want I stumbled upon numerous blogs. This blog, called A Bum's Sack was really so interesting to me. He writes, well frankly I felt like I was reading from some famous author from long ago, like Hemmingway. He reminds me of Hemmingway, I'm a fan. So, I was captivated by this blog. I loved it & I read every word. I love honesty, it's hard to find someone who is just so open & honest not to mention wise too. Please go check out this man's blog. Every entry had meaning.

I told 3 of my children about his blog & his wise words. I told them all about (this was my favorite entry) the fast food misadventure & they were begging me to comment him back to see what the ending of the day was... They were taken with him too just from my recollection of the blog. My 11 year old son was with me today at the store & he asked to see the blog. I read him every entry (there are only 14) & he was captivated too. He really like this guy & he learned from him. Our experiences on this earth are all so different & yet all of us at some time or another seem to all come to the exact same place where we realize what life should mean to us. And it's all pretty much the same. No matter what our experiences we all have the same desires & come to the same realizations to treasure our precious time here. To love & be kind & patient. I am going to follow his blog if for no other reason than I loved his writing. He really should write. I wish I was wealthy & connected in the publishing circles so I could bring his words to the masses. Ah, there goes the activist in me again. If I had all the money in the world & had no worries I would probably spend my days helping people get a leg up in life or to realize their dreams. That's my dream life.
What's yours?

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