Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun Saturday.

Could this tapestry be any more beautiful? I want it bad. How could somebody not want to buy this? I could put this beauty in a dozen places in my home. I am not taking him home though, right now I would much rather sell him to a good home.

Saturday I had a fun night with my kids playing charades. Haven't played that in a long time, but it was so much fun. No TV & none of us died. Imagine that.

My husband spent the weekend making up to me by making me a beautiful dining room table for my store & installing a nice sound system. He then filled my ipod with great Christmas music. So he is forgiven. When my first husband screwed up he bought jewelry, this one builds me things. Men are cute. How can you be mad at a guy that builds you stuff?

Church was awesome on Sunday. Pastor had a fantastic salvation sermon & nobody came up to be saved. Which was really shocking since I wanted to go up there & I am already born again. I mean the sermon was THAT good!! Nobody came up. I was like, surely there is a teenager in here or something? Nobody. Some of us talked afterwards & we were all blown away by the preaching & we all agreed that it had us motivated into wanting to down to the altar but the call was for those who needed salvation. It was really strange that nobody came. I can say one thing, his hands are clean but it sure was a good one.

So Saturday afternoon my husband came & got me from my store. He said there was something I had to see. He took me to a store 5 min down the road that has been open about a year but I didn't even know it was there. People are just finding out about it really. So anyway, he tells me he went into it & that I have to also. I thought I would die!!!!!!!!!! I went in & they had so much of my stuff!!!!!!!!!!! That is not allowed to happen, lines are protected or reps don't let stores too close together order the same stuff. Now I think I know what has happened to my sales. I was furious with my big rep compnay & emailed them immediately. They have to according to their own rules not let her order the same stuff or lines as me anymore. It was like a carbon copy to some extent of my store. She is in an up & coming shopping center. I am hoping for some resolution there so my sales can come back. Well, atleast I know where my sales went.

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