Friday, November 7, 2008


I am sick today. I also have a muscle issue so I was playing solitaire on my work computer even though I have a thousand things to do, so I can relax & maybe my muscles would stop hurting so bad. So anyway, I just got in some new Fisher Price toys & my 11 year old has just entertained me so much these past few minutes. One of the toys is a felt play set all about dinosaurs. He has snuck & opened one & has it all spread out & has all the dinosaurs all over the floor. He is playing with it like he is 5 again. He is making little dinosaur sounds & talking to them. I am trying so hard not to laugh, because it's just so sweet & I don't want to disturb him. How fun to be young again, so innocent. Often, I wish I could have a do over, but at the same time I don't want one because then I wouldn't have any of my children. But, oh, how wonderful to be so young again & have your whole life ahead of you. No one ever told me I had to go to college, no one ever encouraged me to be anything. I never thought about college until I was a Senior, didn't go.... got married one month after graduation. Which was fine.... it lasted 5 years. More than most. But I see Brandon playing & it is just so nice, he is so happy. It makes me feel good to know I am doing something well. If I have done anything well, I have been a good mother. Not perfect. But I am a great mom. My kids are all wonderful & they are happy. Amber (8) is the only one with some issues about needing constant attention.... a leftover factor from having another child. Braxton of course is rotten but I just keep telling myself he's getting all the bad out early. Really, Braxy just hates being home. If you take him out of the house, he is quite fine. He is like his Dad, they both hate to be inside. I'm so proud of my kids. They are all born again except Braxy. They have all been Baptized (except Braxy). They pray, they know God, they aren't bullies, they are kind. That is so important to me, to raise kind children. This world is so cruel, dog eat dog. I don't want my children to be anything like that. Which is of course why they take karate. Kind kids get picked on. Speaking of which...... men are weird. My son home schools with me at the store. There is another boy in the store next to me who is home schooled too. They both go to the same karate class also. The other boy is a year older than mine. Anyway, the other boy is a 2nd degree black belt & mine is just going for his recommended black belt this Saturday. So the other boy likes to bully my son a little because Brandon is so passive. The Saturday before Halloween, Brandon asked a girl out & she said no. He was upset about it and the boy next door found out. So he started taunting my son about it, finally at the end of the day my son had enough. He just charged the other boy & started pounding on him. The boy was so shocked he was momentarily stunned & then he began to punch back. I broke it up. I had to leave later & my son was still there with my hubby. Well, it happened again. They got into a big fight, karate skills & all. Hubby let them duke it out, punches & all. Brandon got a little hurt but he got a real nice punch in on the boy's nose & made him cry. Ever since then, they are like the best of friends. Men.

My neck is killing me, I need a massage!!

Going to go now & lay down on the floor behind the register. Have a nice weekend.

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