Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Pretty View

This view is 5 minutes from my house. This mountain is huge & the picture is taken so low it does not do it justice. But I love living at the very beginning of the North Georgia mountains, it is so pretty & great scenery is not far at all. I can escape city life in 10 to 15 minutes & be in the middle of nowhere in about 45. Love it. Today it is sunny & beautiful outside, yesterday it rained the entire day. ALL DAY & into the night.

Happily for me the store was actually busy & I was delighted with sales for the day. I was thrilled & my son thought I was a weirdo for thanking God all day & being so happy. I am so grateful for increase in sales. I give him ALL the credit for that. I am so grateful that my husband's remodeling business is just taking off so well. Can you believe that he employees 5 guys now? 5 guys? We still don't have any money to speak of.... all the extra is tied up in payroll for the other guys. I still don't care, he is bringing in enough to pay the bills, not much extra but hey, after the hell we've been through just paying the bills on time is pure elation for me. I am excited for hubby as he gets busier & busier, it is wonderful to watch someone in the process of being blessed. I always find it a humbling & fantastic thing to be a part of or watch God bless somebody. I mean it's God, the Almighty, Creator of all looking down on you. Helping you. Loving you. Providing for you. Healing you. Teaching you. Not somebody else, you. How freakin awesome is that?

My children are at the Atlanta Civic Center today at the King Tut exhibit. It is also my parents 41st wedding anniversary & they have 3 of my children. I hope they enjoy it, I wish I could have gone. The ticket prices are outrageous!! There goes the grocery money, but it's worth it.


Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

How wonderful Jenn! I'm so glad things are turning around for your store and your husband's business. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Mrs. H. said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jenn! Stop by Heritage Schoolhouse when you have a mintue - there is a surprise for you! :-)