Monday, December 1, 2008

Christian Bashing

Chaos in the house!!

My home has been invaded by computer boxes!! The area immediately to the right is supposed to be a dining room. It is now an office, open to the foyer. My porch has been invaded by spiders, hence the can of Raid sitting on my pretty table by the door. Amber sits in the office chair watching the spiders we just sprayed fall over dead. Hubby continues to bring in more boxes. HELP!! Don't they know it's the holidays? Brother boxes don't do it for me. Okay, okay, I'm happy he needs all of this STUFF, but like whoa buddy, can't you store this stuff in the garage or something? Where will I put the tree? My husband & the spiders have invaded.

Braxy took some baby wipes & decided to clean my windows & which was funny to watch. This also means messing up my cords tying back the curtains. I wonder how long it will take me to fix them back.......

It is snowing here today. It won't stick of course, hardly ever does. But it has snowed the whole day practically which has been fun. It looked like a snow globe over here about half an hour ago.

I just had a lady leave, she was so sweet & kind. I remember her from shopping here last Spring. She is slightly disabled so I just followed her around the store chatting with her, I remembered she said she was a little lonely the last time she was here. We had a nice time talking & I helped her pick out several Christmas presents. She bought 21 items for $179, not too shabby. I am having sales & such. Okay, like four of the items were paddle lolli pops for $1.59 but still. 21 items for $179 to me is a great deal. It's an average of $8.52 an item. So I am so very grateful for her large sale. Thank you Lord.

I have to say that I have something on my mind. It is very concerning to me. I have noticed a large increase in Christian bashing & an embracing of all things gay. Yes, it has all started over the gay marriage thing. Now, let me say I have gay people in my family, I have friends who are gay, I have worked for years with gay people. I'm in Atlanta for pete's sake, gay people flock to Atlanta. You know what? I could care less who is gay because I have enough of my own problems to be concerned about without telling someone about theirs. Now, I also must say that I am not for gay marriage. I don't understand what is the big problem with Christians saying that marriage is between one man & one woman. Am I crazy, didn't marriage first come into being in the Bible ? Isn't the marriage ceremony a creation of God? Doesn't that make marriage a religious ceremony or at the very least a ceremony that was created & founded by a religion? Doesn't it? What are we doing going around changing the definitions of religious ceremonies created long ago by our Creator? Why does anybody think that is okay? The weird thing to me is that any time this comes up for discussion/ facebook/other blogs, etc the other side is so anti Christian & just so hateful. I can't recall such anti Christian hatred since the 80's when it was so uncool to be Christian. I mean the attacks are so mean, you can't even have a reasonable discussion with so many people I have encountered, their standpoint is just..... you're wrong & your are a radical & you are a gay hater. I was actually told today that my Christian standpoint on gay marriage is the exact same type of hatred as radical Islam. Are you kidding me? This person meant it, even scarier, this person is a lawyer. I just don't understand it..... Lord, the end must be near. They are blind, they don't see what is right in front of them. I'm gonna get me a T shirt.... Christian and proud of it.

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