Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Amber!!

Amber cat is 9 today!! Happy Birthday my sweet little kitty cat!!!!
Braxton's was 2 weeks ago, Amber's is today & mine is in 18 days!! I will be turning 39!! One more year before the big 40.
Dinner out tonight & then off to the Chirstmas Tree Farm to pick out a huge tree, a hayride, pictures with Santa & of course some hot chocolate. Presents too.
She is having a sleepover on Friday with some friends then off the next morning to have "Breakfast with Santa" at our local community center. Fun fun fun.
I am too busy to be here but my mind was spinning & my son was making me angry so I thought I might come here to de stress & visit some friends blogs. So far, it's working. Trying not to stress, need sales so bad.... they are coming in & I am grateful. I just need so much to pull me out of the hole that I feel overwhelmed. I have to be out of the hole by the end of this month..... Christmas is the last big hurrah. I may never catch up if I don't by this month. Of course I never put God in a box, I am just speaking practically in the worldly sense that I need to be caught up on my bills this month or it's not going to look good. I am so grateful for the Internet orders that are coming in. I was thrilled this morning to see someone else had ordered 2 more of those big 20x20 picture frames that I sell for $59.99. It was good news to see at 6am. Yay!! It's weird today, it's after noon but not a single person has come in today. That's odd. It has been a stressful morning so I think I am going to stop work now & do my Bible In A Year program on & do a little praying. Calm myself a little & re start the day. I did not get to my morning prayers really, just a little but I feel it is unfinished & need more time alone with God today. Maybe that's why I am off. I didn't get to talk with him much this morning. Lots going on plus, I was freezing my tail off. Hubby's truck broke down yesterday. Y'all please please pray that it will all be covered under warranty, we have NO extra money. Counting on the Lord for this one.......
Have a happy day to everyone, God bless.

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Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Happy Birthday to Amber! Belated wishes to Braxy and early birthday wishes to you Jenn!