Thursday, December 18, 2008

Y'all Wanna See Some of My House?

A partial front view. My house is kinda wide.

Good day sisters in blog land. A wonderful treat this morning, I was up in the middle of the night (some of you may know this because if you had a new post I probably commented on it at 3am) and my husband was so sweet this morning. He let me sleep in ( I went into a deep sleep around 5:30) and I awoke to the phone ringing. It was him telling me he had gotten Braxton up for daycare, sent the girls off to school I was alone with the exception of the homeschooling 11 year old. ME?? ALONE?? WWOOOHHOOOO!!!!!!!!! So I got me some coffee & started looking at some pics on the puter. Look what I found? These are about a year and a half old, we were going to sell our home & build a bigger one before the housing bubble burst. Anyway, after my freakish Christmas tour yesterday I thought you might like to see more respectable parts of where I live. Have fun!!

There's the rest of it!! I love my ranch house. No stairs for me.

This is our pool. We have a big slope, no underground pools for us. Who cares though, you can swim just easily no matter where the water is located. Plus, it's way cheaper.
This is the adult side of the deck. It is winterized still in this picture. Normally my children have floats everywhere & we have an umbrella over the table. Do you like my brown muddy lake? We live on a narrow lake but it is spring fed so it's usually kind of greenish water but when it rains it's really muddy brown. A nice developer down the road is being sued by the EPA for this run off.

I don't even have this furniture anymore. But this is my living room, this is at the front door.

A side view of the living room. I know my bookcases are crying out for help. If the Nester would just drive over here I could fix that. The fireplace is a two way fireplace & my bedroom is on the other side of the fireplace. My husband & I weren't thinking about our children when we put a two way fireplace from the living room to our bedroom if you get my drift. Nothing a fireplace screen can't cover!!

This is the ceiling in my bedroom. Hubby took these pictures. It was rainy by the way so it may be a little dark in some pics. The first time I laid down to sleep in our home I looked up at this and just laughed like crazy. I felt like a princess.

This is my bathtub. It is ridiculous, I know. It's for my husband. He is very tall & a big guy even when he is skinny. He said he wanted a tub he could fit in when he is sore. So there it is, now I just dust it once a month. I use the kids tubs. It's a Jacuzzi tub though!! Great for romance. The bathroom is practically all white. A demand of his, he likes white. So let him have his white.

This is a partial view of the kitchen. I have an open kitchen into the sunroom/secondary living room. Me likey. So the kitchen is about 16feet long. I have a bar that is raised up above the counter top that is curved at the ends & it is 14 feet long. So perfect when we have parties. LOVE IT!! We put in granite tiles, much cheaper than blocks of granite.
This is the foyer. It opens up on the left to the formal dining room, it has some columns to divide it off. If is now of course hubby's office but soon to be the dining room once again. He is moving down to the basement. Is he tired of us? Or maybe it's the 2 year old pounding on his computer & unwittingly changing the settings???
This was Lexi's room but now it is Brandon's & soon to be Braxtons too. Hubby built these bookshelves. She's out of the purple stage now. Before you can think it.... the computer is NOT hooked up to the Internet.
A view of our basement ceiling. My parents domain. Want a coffered ceiling on the cheap? Is your hubby handy? You can do this too!! Normally coffered ceilings are expensive & only in the "richies" houses. Just go to home depot or lowes & buy you some MDF. Cut the MDF on your hubby's table saw into strips as wide as you think will look good for your ceiling. Then just nail them up in layers. Yes, layers of mdf nail gunned into your ceiling. Then take some nice trim wood for doorways & such & nail it into the sides, shoe mold on the edges around the actual ceiling & the first layer of mdf & paint that baby!! A coffered ceiling on the cheap.

This is right down from the house. Farkin developer, all of our water is brown when it rains. Georgia clay you know....
Well, I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Only a partial I know. I really need to spruce up those bookcases in the living room. What I really need is to be able to afford a decorator, or the Nester but she's in NC & I'm in GA and I don't think she's drivin over here. Oh, well. I was thinking of painting the backs of them an accent color. Someday.....
Have a wonderful day!!


Mrs. H. said...

Wow! Jennifer what a beautiful home! Just lovely. You husband is so talented. The view off your deck is amazing, whatever color the water is. ;-) Glad you had a nice morning, and I did notice that you were up at 3:00 am! Good to know you got some more sleep after that. :-)

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

Just found your it! I'm going back through some of your posts when I can. I love your home, and your Christmas decor (and helper!)

Have a wonderful day!