Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blast from the Past

For some reason I am always looking back at old photos every New Year. I found these and I laughed so hard. Here I am pregnant at 37 years of age!! Are you kidding me? I was about to pop here. One more month to go. Well, Braxy is two now. My poor rose bushes took a beating during the pregnancy as I was sick in bed or working through most of it.
Here is Lexi going to her Freshman Homecoming. She is a junior now and will be going off to Prom this year as she is dating a Senior. She looks so young here. Don't we make a happy family?

Okay, okay this is more a true reality. We have lots of fun in our home and my husband and my oldest daughter have a running joke of insulting each other and making fun of each other. Turkeys.
Edited in:
I had talked about my dad in an earlier post but I have felt really bad about it. I figure if it is still bothering me like 5 hours later I needed to get rid of it. I feel better now. Yes, I am still trying to forgive my dad. Not going so well.

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