Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Proud Mama

My sweet lamb chop is growing up. She will be 17 in just a couple of months. I am so proud of her. She is driving now and becoming independant and her own woman. She is amazing, I really mean that. Lexi is amazing to me. She is so sweet (except to her brother and sister!!) and rooted in her moral code. I love that she knows who she is already and does not let others sway her. I could not be more proud. She is respectful to us, her parents and for that I am so grateful and adore her. Of course, a lot has to do with how we raised her but still, a lot of teens are mouthy but my sweet lamb is respectful. One of the things about Lexi that has amazed me recently:

She has had a gigantic crush on this "boy" since 7th grade. He is just simpy "IT" for her. For years she has yearned and dreamed of being his girlfriend. Two years ago it seemed like it may happen as he was asking around about her and one of the football coaches let it slip to her. She was overjoyed and walked on water for a week or two. She lightly flirted and was crushed to have a friend who inquired directly to "him" tell her that the boy said she was not his type and he didn't like her. Well, she is finishing her junior year now so it's been a long sweet crush. The family often brings up "his" name to tease her. Well, two weeks before Christmas the boy tells one of her friends that he has liked Lexi since the 9th grade. Of course she tells Lexi and Lexi said she just about fell out of her chair in history class. This boy is adonnis to her. So conversations ensue between the girlfriend and the boy and Lexi as to who likes who and for how long. He has been shy and busy with his sports (he has a full scholarship to UGA for a sport) but he now I suppose cannot contain his liking my daugher any longer and has let the cat out of the bag. The problem? Lexi already has a boyfriend. A very nice boy. A nice boy who does not try to make her have sex like the others as she does not want to do it she always gets dumped. She also really likes this boy she is dating, nowhere near as much as "him" but she likes him. She walked on water again for 2 weeks dreaming of "him" and how it could be. I fully expected her to dump the poor sweet boy that worships the ground she walks on to date "him". She asked for my opinion but I did not give it. I told her it was an affair of the heart and her own personal ethics. It was time to let her start making decisions on her own. I told her that I would not allow her to cheat, that's it. So she pondered and pondered. Do you know what? She is still dating her nice guy and told the "it guy" that it wasn't fair to dump her boyfriend because he has been good to her and he is sweet and he does not deserve that. She did tell him that she has liked him for years and still does and would go out with him in a heartbeat but she could not bring herself to treat her current boyfriend like that. She said he didn't deserve that. They would just have to wait to be a couple if it was meant to be. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's only 16, are you kidding me? Dude, I hate to admit it but....... looking back at how I was at 16. I would have broken up with the skinny nice guy who was good looking and sweet and totally gone out with the very tall muscular drop dead gorgeous jock who was also sweet and nice with a rockin car and who was also one of the most popular boys in school. TOTALLY. Well, we always want our kids to be better than we are and I guess I got that in Lexi. I'm so proud of her. I'm proud for lots of reasons but this one..... well, ethics and kindness. I'm just so happy she did the right thing by the other guy and made a decision that allows her to be free to live with herself and not have guilt.

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Tasha Simons said...

That is soooo awesome! Way to go, Jenn! You have so much to be proud of. You raised her right!