Monday, March 23, 2009

Blessings Indeed

I am just so excited this morning. I can't begin to say how excited I am. I have so much to do today and I really shouldn't be sitting here typing this..... but since this is my diary too and I reference back in my archives a lot I wanted to make sure I had this down.

Yesterday was tough, around 8pm I was certain the devil had taken residence in my home or one of his close relatives. Man was it hard and of course you know it all started with getting ready for Church. But later on in the day some things happened and it was just so out of character and so rotten that I could recognize it for what it was. It was not the person and I refused to be upset with the person. I recognized the spirit of something behind what the person was doing and basically did not give it the time of day. And I am so glad. It was bad, beyond bad. But earlier in the day I had taken my book Conflict Free Living by Joyce Meyer in the tub with me to read the last two chapters and do some refreshing and I did. One of the things she had mentioned was not being upset with the offenses people commit against us. We are not at war with the flesh but with the spiritual and sometimes those evil spirits influence our flesh and we offend people. So it was great because normally I am not a doormat and I don't let people walk all over me. I am pretty good at standing up for myself. But yesterday for the first time ever I recognized it and I am so glad I had good ole Joyce in the tub with me earlier so to speak to teach me a lesson I would need only a few hours later. So I refused to engage and turned the other cheek so to speak, which let me tell you was hard. I prayed about it and that was it. This morning I have received great blessings from that. I have already heard from the person and received an apology and some great joyful blessings. I am so happy this morning and so grateful. I could have been filled with anger and strife yesterday but I resisted and insisted that I keep my peace. My children were present and engaged in the battle yesterday but I encouraged them to not participate and told them. We will keep out peace today. Whoo hoo, it worked! Not only an apology but a gift as well, one that I have longed for and it will be such a blessing to my family. Thank you Lord.

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Tasha Simons said...

Way to go, Jenny!