Sunday, March 22, 2009

Karate Testing Day

Look what I did!! The Nester has inspired me to do more with what I have. I was afraid to put anything on the table fearing the curiosity of Braxton but so far so good.

Saturday was a busy busy busy day. We were up early so all three kids could do this:

Brandon doing his defensive part of his mid term testing. This was his last test as a recommended black belt. In 2 months Brandon will be testing for his BLACK BELT.
Yay Brandon!!!

Brandon waits for permission to begin. The lady in front of him is such a sweet lady who I go to Church with.

There he goes..... doing his form. I knew he would do great but I was so nervous for him.

There is my little Amber cat. She was testing to go from recommended brown belt to decided brown belt. You have to be a brown belt for four months. The first promotion is recommended and then in two months you are promoted to decided. Amber cat did not do very well but she did well enough to be promoted. Our head instructor told me that unless she shows more motivation and desire to learn and do a good job she would not be invited to test for her red belt. Brown belts are considered the first step as high ranks and it gets much harder. Amber is my lazy free spirit and she is extremely difficult to parent. Amber would have been a great hippie. I think she was born in the wrong time ha ha. She is just a relaxed and free spirit who takes everything with a grain of salt. Starts a 100 things and finishes nothing. Sigh.

She kind of forgot her form half way through but finished nicely.

This is the part where she got stuck. My poor little kitty..... she wants to do so well and she does do well. She just doesn't take it seriously enough to put the full effort into it.
I am ashamed to say I was outside when Lexi did her testing and I didn't get any pics of her. I know.... bad mommy. If you look in the picture above you can see a lady in the mirror with a pink shirt on..... that's me. Lexi did very well in her testing too and she is now a brown belt so I now have a family of high ranks. They are all happy about that. It was a great testing and a happy day for all.

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