Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Free Stuff!!!!! I'm on a roll now

I like very much!! I love a relaxing front porch, that's for sure. My old house had a great front porch like this one. My home now... not so much. I am going to work hard on making it a place to relax on a shoestring budget (Goodwill and free stuff on Craigslist).

Okay, I want to find a way to have a button code that people can grab for my personal blog and my work blog and my store. So the lady who made my store's button that you can see here on the blog wrote me a code but not in a little box so that others can copy the code and paste it on their blog. So I am gonna have to call her I guess but I can't afford to pay for the little box. If I paste the code into the add a gadget section it doesn't print the code out, it just keeps posting the button. I guess the code has to be in the box in order for it to show the code. So I decided to google "How to make a free blog button". Whooo Hoooo, I still don't have my box (yet but I will) but look at this website . If you visit this site you can create your own button for FREE!! A free button y'all, now you can't beat that. Now, I still haven't figured out how to get the little box but if you all want a button for yourselves go on over there and get you one. When you get to the site at the top just click on BUTTONS and you will create your own. This is the one I created.
Cool'>">Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - '>Create'>">

I like it!!
I also found this site. for you to create your own personal signature on your blog posts. Now, I tried it with my work blog only once and I think you have to paste the code each time you are done posting for it to appear, at least that's what I did. I pasted it into a third party html box but it just put the signature in my sidebar. So I did a post and before I did the post I copied the code from the box and then I put it at the end of my post and there it was. I am sure there is an easier way but for now....... I'm still playing. Now, I found this too, if you already have an image you want to use but you just need the button then you can go here on this site you can use your own image. She also has a bunch of other Free stuff!!

I love free stuff!!!!!!!!!!

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