Monday, March 9, 2009

Prom Dress Shopping Day!!!!

This is me and Lexi on Saturday. Here we are at Macy's (our first stop) and we were ready for a glorious day of prom dress shopping. She's a junior, he's a senior. We were excited!! And ready for a long day of dressing rooms.

I didn't like this dress but she liked the color.

She loved the color of this one too and it was a pretty orange. I told her no way of the cleavage!! Her dad would kill us both. That's my black & white damask purse back there by the way. LOVE IT!!

She's so skinny..... makes you sick doesn't it.
Lexi had an orange fettish at Macy's. It does look pretty though. I really liked that one. The catch for the prom dress also is that Saturday March 14 Lexi is going to be in the Queen of Diamonds pagent so she will be using the dress for both events. Before you say it.... I am not a fan of pagents, at all, but it is a fundraiser for the baseball programs and last year they had over 40 girls participate and this year they had less than half so one of her friends who plays ball begged her to do it and a few other girls to help raise money. I'm not gonna lie though, I'd like to see her win.

This is the back!! Oh la la.

This is another great dress. I really liked this one too. I'll explain why she is on the bench in a minute. Do you like it? But then..........

Stop the presses!!!!!!!!!!
We found this dress. Is is just us? Is this not The Dress? It looks like it was made for her. I mean, it's just perfect! It couldn't be more perfect. Fits her like a glove. Plus, it's perfect for the Queen of Diamonds pagent. You know.... it's all diamondy. I just had my jaw hanging when I turned around to see her. This girl doesn't look 16.

Hot tamale!! Here is the back. Oh, her dad is gonna kill me! It's so gorgeous it's worth his wrath. It's totally the dress.

Look at her face.... she knows it's the dress too. No need to try on anything else.... this is the one.

The problem..... the dress is $35 more than our maximum budget allowance. Lexi has worked hard and saved report card money from her dad and worked babysitting and cat sitting to earn prom money. I cannot afford to contribute to this dress as we are really in a bad place financialy so she has worked and saved. But it's over budget. I told her, call your dad (I'm divorced from her dad). We never ever call him for money for anything extra and I have never taken him back for an increase in child support from when she was one year old so I said... hey, I've never bugged him for extra so call your dad and see if he'll send you $40. He's really stingy with money and he hoards it like a prize so there was a good chance he would say no. Plus he is getting married in July so he's saving for a wedding. So she called.

The only place in the dressing room we could get reception was standing on the bench in the corner. I knew this already because my kids had already called me to tell me Braxton had sprayed Pledge in his eye. I'm like.... where is your father? Then it was funny because he caught them calling me to tell me about it and he starts yelling at them that they don't have to tattle on him and they hung up quickly. It was pretty funny and Braxton is fine. So anyway, she is talking to him here.

What a toad.... long conversation for $40. I got bored and took a picture because I thought it was funny her asking for $40 would take so long and also because I was having a pretty good hair day and I thought I would preserve the moment.

She's giving me the thumbs up!! YES, now we can have the dress!! Thank you Lord. Getting money out of that man is like getting blood from a rock. I was grateful and she is really excited. She doesn't want to try on any more dresses, she says it's the one and I totally agree. She put this dress back on while talking to her dad and we were thinking of this one if he said no.

But he said yes and doesn't she look happy?

My sweet baby is growing up!! Do you like the dress? My husband didn't like it. He said too much cleavage... and he didn't like the back either. He said too revealing but I think he just is being a dad and I think she looks incredible and that's why he doesn't like it. But we love it and we had a great time at the mall. Hope you had fun coming with us.


Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Oh, what a gorgeous dress! Absolutely perfect for a pageant too. I got teary eyed when Ashleigh lost her first baby tooth a few weeks ago. I can't imagine picking out prom dresses!

Tasha Simons said...

Jenny, I LOVE it. It really is THE dress. You could tell by her expression (and yours!). So glad it all worked out. Take lots of pictures of the pageant. Hope she wins. She's stunning.

Amara said...

It seems that you had really a fantastic shopping day.!! That black dress is sooo beautiful. Its really a perfect one.