Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prom Night 2009

Here is the beautiful couple!! Prom Night 2009 at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Don't they look great?

Mamouth fireplace huh? First Baptist Church of Canton was kind enough to open their doors for anyone who wanted to come and take pictures. I had never been there before, man that place was beautiful. This fireplace is 3 stories high of stack stone. Beautifully decorated with couches and chairs all around. It looked like a hotel lobby and it was very comfortable and inviting. I have never been in a Church like this one before. It looked like a hunting lodge which is really appropriate for this area. Very warm and masculine all over but the decor touches were everywhere and it was decorated so that both men and women could feel comfortable. Very nice. Want to see?

Big daddy of a Church!

Here they are in my basement showing saying goodbye to my mom.

The girl on the far rights dad rented a 15 passanger van and he drove everyone to a Japanese steakhouse after pictures and then down to the hotel for prom and then brought them back. That was very nice of him. Downtown Atlanta really isn't the place for teens to be driving late at night. So I was relieved they weren't driving. This is the group of girls she rode with. We had a hard time wrangling the guys in for pics. Lexi said they all had a wonderful time and it was great. Everyone got home safe so that makes it a perfect night. I was really glad, it took me 2 hours to do her hair and we rented High School Musical 3 (the prom edition) and watched it right before I did her hair so we just made the whole day about "PROM". Boy, I am glad she had a wonderful time but I sure was exhausted getting her off and done.

Here's mama bear all pooped out and getting ready to drive home from the Church. Geez, I look rough!
I wish I could have done a better post but frankly..... I just this morning found out I have my husband's cousin coming this afternoon to stay for a week and his dad and grandma also coming tomorrow for dinner. Hmmmmm.... let's see that will be dinner for 9!! Oh, poop! What will I cook? I hate cooking y'all!!!!!!!!! On top of my picky kids now I have to plan for diabetics and cancer patients too. I had planned on Chicken and dumplins for Wedensday, does everyone like chicken and dumplins? I have no clue what to cook...... we had spaghetti last night, so I can't do that again. So I'm off to kick a kid out of a bedroom and do "guests are coming cleaning". No time today to play. I have so much to share too! Rats. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe I'll stay up late to do a post on marriage I have been wanting to do. Braxton usually puts me to bed lately. Well, I'll try my best.


Mrs. H. said...

Lexi looked beautiful! Love that idea of the dad driving them all around - how nice. :-)

My go-to meal for large crowds - fajitas (everyone can make them up how they want) and rice and beans (economical for a crowd).

Have a great day Jen! :-)

Tasha Simons said...

Lexy looks beautiful! Great job on her hair, Jenny!