Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toile Party!! & A Laundry Room Re Do

I want to make this post today.... but I can't. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow. But the post I want to make I already made over on my work blog. I did a laundry room re do and I love love love it!! I made a post about decorating on a shoe string budget over at www.southerncharmhomedecor.blogspot.com and I decided if I'm gonna preach it I need to live it and my laundry room makes me crazy. I was dying to re do it but had no $$. So I re did it for less than $40 and I think it looks wonderful. Want to check it out? Okay, I want you to check it out too. I'm kinda proud of it. I'm gonna do the full post over here later but if you want to see it now just click on the link www.southerncharmhomedecor.blogspot.com pretty please. Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas. I am thinking of painting a monogram too. I alread have the paint so that's free too. Me likey free stuff.

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