Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexi

My sweet lamb Lexi turned 17 on Tuesday!! This isn't Lexi picutured above. I had a great idea. Being little Miss. Frugal... I decided to bake a cake instead of spending $23 at Publix to buy one. I had all my decorating stuff out and then it hit me as Lexi was asking what in the world she and the few friends she had coming over for a sleepover were going to do. I decided I would icing the cake and let them decorate it. Good idea huh? This is Whitney. She likes to decorate. What you can't see are the other teens gathered at the bar giving her ideas and such. I took some pics of them but apparantly Lexi didn't like how she looked in them and deleted them. Argh.

This is Lexi, Braxton and Brandon all blowing out the candles with our finished cake. Oops it's a little lopsided in the back. Didn't see that before. You know what though, I don't care. We made it together and it was fun and inexpensive and that's what counts. Braxton wanted in on the action and doesn't he look excited?
Yesterday I attended the online conference A Woman Inspired. I really enjoyed listening to Mrs. Fussypants and Melissa from The Inspired Room talk about themselves, their faith, and their blogs. I really really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this conference. Today is the last day to attend. At 11am Eastern Standard Time Lysa TerKeurst is speaking and I can't wait to hear her. I love Proverbs 31 ministries and their daily devotionals. Real lifesavers for me. Hubby and I were laughing over yesterday's devotional. It was a hoot because it was the opposite of our life together.... which was a good thing if you didn't read it. Anyhoo, it's Spring Break here so I have all 4 kids with me all week. So far so good. Nobody is dead. The two middle ones are chasing Braxton around as I type. I was just in my bedroom and I saw a diaper I had recently changed laying on my bedside table. Oh, I thought.... I'm 39 and I am still in diapers. Well, I'm not in the diapers but Braxton is. He holds no interest in the potty either. He's going to be a tough one to get on the potty. We have a book called "Everyone Poops" (We also have "Everyone Farts") and the book series is hysterical. He loves Everyone Poops and he understands you are supposed to poop on the potty and tinkle in it or as I like to say "tinky winky" in the potty. But no way Jose is he getting on it. He likes to throw his toys in it. Oh well. So I think after Spring Break I will have some good stuff to post about. Is anybody else home with their kids going koo koo?

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Wendy Blight said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I have a 15 year old daughter, Lauren, and LOVE your idea for cake decorating. I think I may try that with one of her few parties left!! Time goes by so fast. I also laughed when you said she did not like her pictures. So typical!!

Thanks for your kind words about our Proverbs 31 devos. It is so sweet to hear how the Lord uses them because we each pray as we write, that the Lord would use them to touch those to whom He wants to speak to that day. He graciously shows us over and over again His faithfulness.

Easter blessings to you!