Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Got God?

That's my teen up there. The one with her tongue hanging out. I'm on her laptop right now & I was browsing through her photos and like, every other photo somebody has their tongue hanging out. And they think grown ups are weird???

So does anybody remember my post about saying yes to God? BTW, please please follow Lysa's blog. You won't regret it. Well, in my extreme excitement about finding out how easy it is to know God's will for me is I learned a very important thing.

You have to be able to hear God to hear Him.

I can't believe how easy it is to be so busy that you just simply couldn't hear from God if He was yelling from Heaven. How ridiculous is that? So the last week or two I have recognized a serious need to simplify. We have our modern lives so complicated with "stuff" and "things" that must be done. Just running the kids to karate back and forth 3 days a week and keeping up with their gees/uniforms is a massive task. It keeps me very busy. Running after Braxy keeps me busy. Cleaning, accounting..... all of this I do with eyes wide closed, with ears wide shut. It has seriously affected me in ways that I am not sure what to do about.

For the moment I have chosen to just try to talk to God as much as I can. Rare moments in the car alone are spent with the radio off and I give God a call so to speak. Showering, yes I pray in the shower. I'm alone in there & it's quiet and I can focus on him. God has seen me naked, I'm sure he doesn't mind. I think He'd rather hear from me than not. Let's hope. I saw a comment on an Online Bible Study I am doing over at . You've got to join in this Online Bible Study pretty pretty please!! One of the commenter's posted that it is amazing how familiar we are with God but are not aware of Him in our day to day lives. That was pretty powerful to me. It's frustrating now that I have realized it and I am not quite sure how to quiet myself inside. How can I hear from God if I don't shut up? My mind is always thinking, always conversing with itself. Is anyone else like that? Quiet is a rarity.

I remember much simpler times and it makes me yearn for them. I am old enough to remember life way before cable was invented. I think I was in the fifth or sixth grade when the first type of cable came out. I remember I was in ninth grade & watched the debut of MTV. I remember when Atari's came out? Anybody remember that? Who knew that innocent little tennis game would turn into what video gaming has? Not me. I remember life way before cell phones. Personal computers? Those didn't exist when I was growing up.

Everyone likes to say that America has abandoned God by our behaviors in our TV and other avenues of socialization. But you know what I think? I think that even us good ole Christian folk have pushed God aside too. With our stuff. With our computers (ouch, if I wasn't blogging what else could I be doing? yes, I know the blogging stuff is beneficial too like great Christian blogs that help & inspire but y'all know we waste a lot of time on this dumbputer too or at least I do), with our cable TV, Facebooking & My Spacing, Googling, have you noticed women lately at the grocery store or the park? They are talking on their cell phones constantly, what if we talked to God while we had that silent time? Are we ignoring God, yes, even us good Christian folk? We want to blame the "unsaved" or the liberal left for our troubles and taking prayer out of the schools and such but I have really felt God speaking to me that we have basically just shut him out of our lives. That really stings. But I know in my life that it is hard to keep silent enough to hear from Him.

So I have definitely learned that I can't just pray in the morning "Lord, I am eagerly anticipating You today. I want to say yes to you today. What ever it is you want to do in and through me today I say yes. Please help me to hear you when you call. Amen." Yeah, um, it doesn't help if after I pray that I get myself so busied up that I forget to be focused on Him. My friend Tasha once told me that when her kids were young and she was struggling with this kind of stuff she would just say that every diaper she changed she changed for the Lord. You know, that's pretty great stuff!! I've never forgotten her telling me that. I was sweeping & mopping the other day and I said I am doing this for the Lord. If I keep Him in every thing that I do then how can I not hear from Him because He is right there with me in my mind. I didn't shut Him out. Right? Well, it's a focus of mine. Doing every thing I do for the Lord. Me having a mini meltdown in the kitchen tonight? Okay, that I didn't do for the Lord, ha ha. All four of my kids were talking at once and would not stop even though I kept asking them to let me cook dinner and let me be for awhile. Y'all I was broiling, microwaving, cooking on the stovetop and two ovens!!! Thare she blows!! Okay, it wasn't that bad but Lord, those kids were hurting my brain.

Simplify simplify, listen and dedicate all that I do except my mini tantrums to the Lord. Sounds like a plan.

I have to meet with Amber's Girl Scout Leader today. She called last night around 9pm to say she needs a private meeting and won't discuss it over the phone. Two days ago Amber's teacher called to say she is not doing her work and she didn't finish 2 of the GRCT's or what ever they are called tests that have to be passed to be promoted to the next grade. If she didn't get enough of it done she will fail or maybe have to do summer school. This from a straight A student? I refused to talk with the teacher since from the second week of school she was on me to put Amber on ADD drugs. I have never had a problem with her before and no other teacher had ever complained & two weeks in this one wants her drugged up? I gave her to the hubby. I'm gonna need the Lord with me tonight with the Girl Scout leader y'all. I'm a good and saved Christian girl but don't start picking on my kids. I forget myself. ahem. So there are some mean and nasty girls in that group, some are bully's and are well on their way to supreme bit@hdome. So for her to call me in for a special meeting already has me irritated. She wants to discuss behavior but I talk to her about Amber all the time and she rarely complains. You know I don't want to hear poo about my kid in her group when she allows all those nasty girls to push all the others including my kid around. I will need to get prayed up for this one. Lordy Lordy.


ladybugsmom said...

I remember life before Atari and I think I was in the 8th grade (maybe 9th) when MTV came out. I won't share my weight on line, but I'm okay with sharing my age :)

I was the graduating class of 1988.

I agree, it seemed alot simpler then.

Really Rainey said...

Hi Its me Really Rainey... You had asked how I did the mosaic... Its easy to do... Go here:

click on mosaic maker... upload your photos and SAVE. (I always save to my desktop so I can find it faster) Have fun! Let me know when you make a mosaic! I wanna see it!

Have a blessed day!
~Really Rainey~