Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hooked on Memories

It's that time again! Hooked On Houses fabulous blog party hosted by Julia is every Friday. I love her Friday blog parties because everyone always has such interesting posts and it has been a great way to meet other bloggers.

What am I hooked on this week? Memories, I love a good photo tied to a wonderful memory. I have tons of photos and unfortunately for me I had a few hundred organized in a closet waiting to be put in an album when I walked into my closet to see this.

Oops, somebody wasn't watching the 2 year old very well. I knew he was playing but I had no idea it was that bad. This is after I had already been cleaning up for awhile. He pulled shelves down even, hangers, Christmas bows for next year too. Stinker. As I was fretfully putting my now unorganized photos back in their boxes I had the best time looking at the photos. Which is why I take so many pictures. Want to see some of my favorites?

Me in 1986 in a Biology class. You don't think we paid attention in class do you?

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta a couple of weeks after the bombing during the Olympics. Lexi was such a little girl and loved the water spraying up from the ground. Could it really be that long ago? She is 17 now.

This is how you give your baby a bath when a Hurricane has just destroyed your home. Thank heavens for large rubbermaid containers. My mom liked to give her evening baths.

My hubby with Brandon. Both my men hate to be inside. We were always at the park. Good memories of the park with the whole family. Brandon is almost 12 now. Dang Mike looks good.

Welcoming Amber into the world in '99. I turned 30 two weeks later.

We've all had one of "those" New Year's Eve parties haven't we?

Everyone else keeps those Chuck E Cheese photos too don't they?

Love Chuck E Cheese's photo booth. Can you tell?

Had to have at least one nice one.

Does anyone else take photographs of your kids on the rides at Walmart? Please tell me I'm not alone here.

Some of us like to put off remodeling our homes until we have to. Hurricane Andrew took care of all of Homestead's procrastinators!! I didn't see any shots of my home but this was my childhood home. Poor mom and dad. Do you see the curtains hanging outside the front window? My mom freaked. She just had those custom made, ha ha. At least we were still alive.

Here come the dump trucks to take away our stuff. That was actually a good day because the stench of mildewy carpet was gone. You have to rip out all your carpet and throw it in piles along with all your furniture. Then this happens.
After that I said no more hurricanes for me and moved to metro Atlanta. I love it here. Except it's not quite as South as it used to be. Lots of people moving here & I miss all that Southern friendliness and hospitality.

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane & had a couple of laughs. I sure did. I just love my pictures. How about you? I'm off to see what everybody else is hooked on this week.
Have a great day,


DesignTies said...

When I look at old pictures of me, I usually wonder what I was thinking!! But it's always fun to reminisce and see how things have changed from then to now :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Christine said...

This is so ironic! I just found a load of old pictures of myself and my family and posted them on my FaceBook! I love looking at old photos and remembering those awesome memories!

Violet said...

Hi ~ I found you from Melissa's Inspired Room blog. I've enjoyed looking at your blog this morning while drinking my chocolate-laced coffee! ~ Violet

bitingback said...

Grew up in Atlanta, and I find myself curious about which part you chose to move into and why. Then again, I had enough of the traffic and crowds, and moved away just before you moved there, I'd guess. I moved just before the Olympics. ::laugh::