Friday, June 26, 2009

How To Do Just About Anything

Do you ever have questions? Are you like me and are a computer dummy? Have I got the website for you. Please remember /bookmark/ favorites this website. You will LOVE it. '


eHow How to do just about anything is the website for you.

For example, I don't know much about computers and it vexes my husband with my constant questions about how to do things. The other day I needed to change the default printer so I could print coupons from and the default printer was out of toner. Who has money for toner? On these sites for coupon printing you cannot select which printer you want, it always automatically directs to the default printer. I had asked my husband several times to switch but he had not done it. I just knew I could not call him and ask how to do it as I would once more look like a do do head. Plus, he was busy fixing somebodies roof. So I googled "How do I change the default printer". Imagine my delight when eHow popped up with the answer. In a matter of less than 60 seconds I knew exactly what to do and I could follow the steps while listening to the video so as the man explained what to do, I could actually do it. YIPEE!!!

I soon discovered this website was a valuable place to be for a person who like me, doesn't know how to do much but would like to. Please give it a visit, today's lesson featured is how to moonwalk in honor of Michael Jackson dying. I'm a little confused about that one as I personally have a hard time with people who are attracted to little children. God bless his soul.

Not wanting to put Farah Fawcett in the same paragraph with the guy above, I wanted to say I was very sad at her passing. I know how badly she wanted to live and how much she loved her son. God bless her sweet soul too.

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