Thursday, June 18, 2009

My God is A BIG GOD!!

Someone asked, don't you think you are expecting too much from the Lord? Why do you always expect big things?

Answer: Because I serve a big God. If He can create the entire space & time thing, every planet and every living and non living thing on this planet then I don't think it's too much for him to do anything little ole me asks.

I've been serving Him a long long time. Oh, abouts 31 years or so. God has always been with me and shaded me from the harsh realities of this world. He has given me favor for decades. I know of what I am seeking. I have tasted it and I want it back. I am so much closer to God and have learned so many things. Well, let me put that another way. I am now living and practicing things I knew but never had to live. Does that make sense? I am grateful for the fall, really. I'd do it again if I had to. Wouldn't want to though, I can't lie. But in the fall God had to take me from under his wing & remove the shade of protection I was under. I have to walk this valley. I've been in the valley two years now plus a couple of weeks.

I can remember walking in to restaurants and having the waiter tell me my meal was paid for. Seriously. Yes, I know what God can do. I am quite fond of looking at the stars. Growing up in Florida I think most of us are avid star gazers. Mostly because we plopped ourselves into a lounge chair after getting out of the pool after dinner (we usually cooked dinner on the grill while swimming. Oh, that sweet Florida life!) and we were so pooped that we didn't get out of the lounge chair when it turned dark. So there you are, staring quite regularly up at the stars. Kinda makes you appreciate the awesomeness of Creation. I have it quite well placed into my heart what God is capable of.

Question: Do you know what God can do?

Answer: Anything He wants to.

Why should I limit His power in my life? Nope. I'm a bold one.

I'd like to say my fall into the valley was a graceful one but it wasn't. I flailed about and became a negative ole hag. He he, I'm kidding. Maybe. But, why lie about it. I was a pain in the tail. But, thankfully I am fixing myself back up with God's help of course. Can't do it alone. My four kids makey me crazy sometimes too. FOUR kids, cut me some slack. The youngest is in his terrible twos still. November, where are you so he can turn 3!! I'll be 40 this year right after he turns 3. I'll consider leaving the terrible two's and maybe potty training finally my b day present. Anyhoo, back to my ungraceful fall. Boy howdy has it been a ride. But a ride worthwhile if I haven't said it enough. I have prayed just to stay honest about this that I don't want to leave this mess before I have learned all He has for us to learn. I don't want to exit the valley before I/the family have learned what we needed to learn. For two reasons, the first, obviously we needed to do this and learn something. I firmly believe God guides us on our path. Secondly,if we pray just to exit and don't bother to learn from this, good heavens we might have to do it again so we can finally learn what God wants us to learn and Lord, thank you very much for what you have taught me but I really don't want to do this mess again. Amen to that.

I just wanted to clarify myself.


Sarah Dawn said...

Delighted, just delighted to meet you! Yes, our God is a Big GOD! I needed your words today. I was splashed in His goodness. I'll be coming back to soak in more.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...


Sarah Dawn said...

Yes Yes! Keep blogging, keep shining, keep sharing, the world is reading!

Thanks for splashin' around a bit with me. I just began this bloggin' adventure in April, but oh the joy to meet beauty wrapped in words, just like here.

Blessings from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Shanda said...

I always love reading your posts. I appreciate the "realness." You say what you are really feeling and learning without trying to make it "ultra" Spiritual as some seem to do. You are earnestly and openly seeking Him and that is contagious my friend!

As I type I'm just feeling led to remind you that God takes great pleasure in you.

Blessings to you! Keep writing!