Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Power Of Your Words

1 Peter 3:10-11 Whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech. He must turn from evil and do good; He must seek peace and pursue it.

After growing up in a church that taught me to love the Lord but also taught things that were not in the Bible or things they had twisted to make women's lives more like servants than wives I have learned to research and study anything new that I am taught and am learning. This is a good thing!! I find when I do this God helps me to find scriptures that back up truths and finding more scriptures backing up a lesson I am learning helps me to move further in my changing walk with the Lord. I came across this one today.

Before I always interpreted this as just not speaking badly about somebody or not to lie. Me thinks I was wrong. If I am speaking badly about myself is that not evil? If I am speaking more over my life and circumstances that lines up with what Satan would whisper in my ear than what God's word says about me isn't that evil? This scripture goes much further. Yes it does.

Oh, that was a big one for me. Does what I speak about or think about myself line up with what Satan would whisper in my ear about me or what the word says about who I am in Christ? I listed every scripture Joyce Meyer put into her book about Happiness in the previous post. Oh, please join me in speaking these things about yourself.

Seek peace and pursue it. What does that mean to you? Is there peace in your house? I have found scripturaly that there must be peace in our homes. Strife at home is not pleasing to God no matter how many good things we do out of our house.

A funny side note:

Y'all know the problems I was having with Miss. Betsy (my washer) right? Well she has been working beautifully since I had that last prayer with God I posted about concerning Miss. Betsy. Well, yesterday was laundry day and Miss. Betsy had been running for a few hours and she had another two loads to go. As I pushed the start button on a new load I knew immediately there was a problem. I did not hear the immediate and loud click of the door lock. When this happens there is a momentary pause and Miss. Betsy will start beeping loudly and flashing the code for an electrical problem. Then she doesn't work and I have to play with her wiring for short periods of time or like this last time 2 days. The funny part of this story?

As I heard the pause I knew what was coming next. It always works the way I said above. So I shook my head and I said "No Lord, poverty is a curse and I refuse to live under this curse." Then I began speaking as many and as fast as I could the scriptures about who we are in Christ like I posted about below. I was spitting out every one I could remember. As I was speaking these blessings over my life I was also thinking that by now the washer should already be beeping and flashing the electrical error code but it was silent. I thought "It's working!!". Boy howdy I just kept going and I truly believed in every thing I was saying. And do you know what Miss. Betsy did? She made a loud click that I recognized as the door lock engaging and she began to wash our clothes!! I was so thankful!!!! That has never ever happened before. If the door lock does not engage immediately it always and I mean always flashes the error code and she won't work at all or not for hours and it always involves me taking off her top panel and moving wires and reconnecting them. Do I think that was the result of speaking blessings and not living in the curse? Yes, I do. I believe when my words line up with what God's word says about me the blessings will flow. Just like the word says it will. Now I'm not crazy, I know this is not a blanket blessing that will work for each and every little thing that goes wrong in my life. I truly believe though that it was God seeing me change and line myself and my words up with what his word says and seeing my faith He gave me a blessing, a confirmation that I am on the right path.

I can't begin to thank the sweet sweet lady who sent me the CD's and the books enough about words and finances. Oh my goodness, I just can't express how grateful I am. Thank you.

Can I encourage each person who is reading this to read who you are in Christ and speak those things about yourself? Can I encourage you to take a day or two and stay aware of what you speak about yourself and others? I know I was shocked at how many things I said about my own self were more in line with Satan would say instead of what God says. And what I say I should expect. Please give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I just had a little revelation too that in the book of Job. Wasn't everyone trying to get Job to speak curses about God? Weren't his friends trying to get Job to speak negatively about himself and his conduct? Wasn't Job's wife trying to get him to speak a curse on God and himself ? If what we speak doesn't matter then why was it so important to everyone including Satan himself for Job to speak curses and not blessings? Why was it so necessary to hear Job speak these things? Hmmmm...... makes you wonder?


Shanda said...

This post has me agreeing with you and praising God along side of you! There is SUCH power in words. We truly do not give them the credit that they deserve. Especially "The Word!"


Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Jenn, I've been very encouraged by your posts today! I'm going to print out the list you shared earlier.