Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Quart of Paint & A Big Change

Did you register for your FREE quart of paint from Glidden? I sure hope so..... I registered for mine!! I can't wait to get it and paint my dining room table my husband built. Well, he built it for my store and then I sold it when the store closed but the store I sold it to has already closed and since it wasn't paid for it is back in my possession once again. But it's a light blue. As you can see from this room which is open to my dining room, light blue won't do. If you didn't register for the free quart...

go get you one anyway. I used less than one quart of paint to paint the back of these bookcases earlier in the year and they look great!! I used the same color as the wall color for the dining room. I LOVE it. And all for a quart of paint. If you have bookcases, even a book shelf somewhere and I know you do! Try painting the back/scrapbook papering the back/wall papering the back. It makes a world of difference!

Would you like more inspiration of what to do with a little paint and a table? I am going to do something like this with my dining room table. ME LIKEY. this post is an amazing transformation with stain and paint. I'm not going to stain though, I'll be using paint for both. I haven't decided on my pattern but I do know I want some kind of scripture on the table too. This is going to be fun! It would be fun to do in a kids room or a side table. So many possibilities. Please click on the link!! You'll be rushing out for that quart of paint lickety split. If you do something, please send me some pictures!!


Sarah Dawn said...

Thanks for splashin around with me on my blog. It would be so much fun to paint and create with you. Well, today, ypu painted my heart with joy with the sweet and kind comment you left.

Besitos (little kisses in Spanish),
sarah Dawn

Mich said...

Just visiting from another blog. Love your blog title and your description. I will be back.

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