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More on wanting to be blessed

Continuing on in Chapter one of Biblical Keys to Financial Prosperity if that's okay with you guys....

The author cracks me up when after the part I wrote about yesterday about us being told we can receive the blessings of Abraham through Jesus. He says that he believed the Word because the Bible said so and when he first got ahold of this truth he was not only scraping the bottom of the barrel, he was under the barrel!! But he believed and he kept preaching it and eventually he got out from under the barrel where he could at least start on the bottom for awhile and he has been on top ever since. Praise God!

I really liked this next part.
"Don't think that it is just going to happen overnight, because it isn't. I ran up and down the hills and hollows of east Texas preaching prosperity when I didn't have a dime in my pocket. I had a car that was worn out with four bald tires and no spare. I looked like everything in the world except prosperous. But I just kept preaching prosperity because I knew it was so. I mean, if the Bible said it, it's so whether I've got it or not!" Okay, that's great, how many of us say well that was then or that doesn't work anymore or we read the word but because of whatever reasons we dismiss certain passages in the Bible. Speaking in tongues is one that comes to mind right away. Now, I have never spoken in tongues but I have seen it many times. Many denominations don't believe in it and would think you are a freak if you were to be in their churches and do such a thing. Why is that? We want to prance around Peter's and Paul's teachings like it was the very word of God (and it is isn't it? right? Yes, it is.) but we in a huge percentage completely dismiss speaking in tongues. Why do we feel we can just dismiss parts in the Bible we don't think are permissible anymore? I'm just one of those people who think you need to believe what the Bible says or you don't. This preacher had the right idea. The Bible said it and he believed it. Period.

This next part is too true.....
"But you see, God doesn't always settle up every Saturday night. For example, on the negative side, a lot of people think they're getting by with wrongdoing, because God doesn't always settle up every Saturday night.
And God doesn't always settle up the first of every month either. And He doesn't even always settle up the first of every year: But sooner or later, payday is coming. And boy, you'd sure like to be around when payday comes if you've sown the right seed!
Now if you're sowing the wrong seed, you don't want to be around when payday comes. When you can see that you have sown the wrong seed, you'd better repent of it quickly and get it all under the blood. Then God will forgive you and forget it, and you can pick up and go on.
As I said, some people argue, "That prosperity business is all Old Testament though." But we've ample Scripture that proves that the blessing of Abraham-including prosperity- is ours, too, under the New Testament.
In the Old Testament, according to Deuteronomy, poverty was to come upon God's people if they disobeyed Him. It was the curse that was to come upon them because they'd failed to do all of God's commandments and His statues."

The thing that spoke to me in that part of the book is that it's true, God doesn't always settle up at the end of the week. How many times in Scripture do we see God pronounce judgement of Israel and then He waits 70 years to do it. Or he waits 200 years to do it. Judgement of the end of the world has already been pronounced and how long has He waited for that? We are told that the wicked eventually come to their demise. When do they come to their demise? Eventually, that's when. Whether it is in this world or the next, it is all in God's time. The same should apply for the blessings too. God waited how long before He made a way for David to be King even though He already had David anointed. David had to wait quite awhile for his blessing. But he knew it was coming because of God's promise. We have a promise too. It's right there in the Word. The thing I am realizing is that you can't just sit and wait for your blessing. By that I mean that there are things we have to do to operate in God's perfect will for us and His blessings. David didn't just sit around and mope about how long it was taking God to bless him. He stayed true to God and worshiped God and obeyed his commands.

One of the major things I have had to change in my life is to keep God's word on my mind all day and night. It sounds easy to do but it's not. I'm a busy lady. But I'm learning to keep my mind on God throughout the day. The Bible says to meditate on God's word, his commandments all day and night. So I try to do everything I do to God. Cleanliness is next to godliness, if I am cleaning I am thankful for a home to clean and that I can have a clean, rest full place for my husband to come home to. That is honoring God and my husband. I can thank Him for His wonderful goodness while I clean anything. See, He is on my mind. I can talk to him, I can quote scripture over my life while I do laundry. I am learning to mediate on Him and His word throughout the day and night. The other thing I have been changing is to keep His praise on my lips. The praise always goes before the battle, we learn that in church all the time. Well, I have at least. Before Israel went to battle they had the horns and trumpets and people praising ahead of the soldiers. The praise came first. We don't know what is going to happen to us 15 minutes from now, it's a pretty good idea to keep the praises ahead of you to help you through what may be coming. The Bible also says to do this. Words have power, even James says the tongue (what you are speaking) is like the rudder of a ship. What does the rudder do? It steers the ship. This is another one of the parts of the Bible that you can just nod you head to and move on and not apply it or you can believe it and do something about it. Jesus said out of the heart (your mind) the mouth speaks and what you speak can make you unclean. Jesus didn't say what you think makes you unclean, although he did say your thoughts are the same as your actions. But he didn't say your thoughts make you unclean. We are also told that every careless word will be judged. Why? Words are important and have power. Power to heal or injure we acknowledge but the Bible teaches more. James says the words you speak steer your life. Why is that? The Bible says also that your words can be a blessing to you or a trap. Why can they trap me if they mean nothing? By a trap it was not in the context of getting you into trouble, it was meant as in how they affected your whole life. So words have power and we are told to keep the praises of God on our lips. So I have been doing that too. It's working by the way, I have noticed a change in me and my family since I have been doing this.

My kids have chore lists to do each day, one of the items on their daily list is to read the scriptures I have on the sidebar that say who we are in Christ. I have noticed a change in them too, no kidding. I truly have. Could it be that speaking the Word of God out loud changes circumstances? If words truly have power then why shouldn't they?

I'm almost done.....
2 Corinthians 8:9 For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor; that ye through his poverty might be rich.
From the book: "Jesus Christ was rich. Yet for our sakes, He became poor....... "well" some people said, "that just means spiritually rich."
But, no. The only way Christ became poor was from the material standpoint. He didn't become poor spiritually, because the spiritually poor couldn't raise the dead! If they could, everybody would be doing that.
The spiritually poor could not turn water into wine. No, Jesus certainly wasn't poor spiritually.
Also, the spiritually poor couldn't have fed five thousand people with a little boy's lunch. But Jesus did. The spiritually poor could not have wrought the healings and the miracles that Jesus did.
Jesus became poor materially for us. He was our Substitute. And the Scripture says God will meet our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19) Paul said that writing to the Church at Philippi, but it applies to believers everywhere.
Phil 4:19 But my God shall supply ALL YOUR NEED according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
You see, this is talking about supplying all your need, including your financial and material needs as well as other needs. In fact, in this particular chapter in Philippians, Paul is talking about financial and material things, because in the previous verses, it says that these people had given of their material substance.
People misinterpret that word "rich." Someone said, "You mean God is going to make all of us millionaires?"
I didn't say that. The word "rich" according to the dictionary means a full supply. In other words, it means abundant provision. Well, isn't that what Phil 4:19 says, "But my God shall supply ALL your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus"?
It didn't say God shall supply half your need, No, it says all of them. It promises a full supply.
Jesus Himself in Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." These things shall be added , not subtracted. Now what are "these things"? They are material things- something to eat, something to wear, and so on. In other words, "these things is talking about the material things of life. " End of book quoting.

This book is so awesome. No, it's not a get rich book. It's not a farce to try to make you think you will be dollar rich. It's such a great teaching tool to show how a life wrapped up in God will bless you in finances as well. But the book is truly a guide to show all of the things God wants us to be doing and how they will benefit us on this earth as well. It's not just about money, it is way more.
The next part of Chapter 1 talks about the law of giving and how to honor God with your faith, your giving and right motives.

I know this was long, most probably didn't finish it but I just believe when I put something out there God will direct whomever it will bless right on over to it and it will speak to them and they will read it. Certainly I do not blog to be popular or I would have a blog about decorating (something I love) and such and such. I just do what God speaks to me. Lots of people don't believe God works in finances but that is not what the Bible says. It takes money to support missionaries, It takes money to support the ministry. God wants his people blessed, he doesn't want us all rich, nope. We don't need to be. We need our needs supplied. All of our needs are different so his blessings are different. Simple enough. God is a big God and if He wanted us poor and suffering why did He create the garden of Eden? I've read that was a pretty magnificent place to be.

Hope this blessed you!!
Biblical Keys to Financial Prosperity , author Kenneth E. Hagin

Thank you Teresa for this book!!

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Danielle said...

This was a LONG post... but oh so good. It's great that you're stepping out there and speaking what God would have you speak.

I know that alot of the Meeting Houses would have us believe that things are not the same now... thus, like you said, speaking in tongues... but God's word says that He never changes. There is nothing new under the sun. Why would He have His Church do it then and not now. God has not taken His Spirit from the true followers, and thus, He has not taken tongues. I do believe, however, that there is a time and place for them, an order, just as Paul wrote.

Your insights, and the books are good. God does not want us to live in poverty... yet, some would question the 3rd world countries..? Why are they so poor? Why do they lack so much? I've heard people say it's God's curse on them, especially those in Africa. Oh, God have mercy on those who speak such words.

Yes, so many parts of Africa are the poorest and most poverty stricken and disease ridden... but when I look at those of the true followers of the faith there... man, how can you call them poor. They may not have the material things that America so takes for granted, BUT GOD PROVIDES! I don't care what anyone says...

God provides for His children(no matter the color!!!!!!), whether we are here in this country or in another.