Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture Day

Well, we went to the school to take our Senior pictures.

Boy, it was a real hoot. Braxton loved the football field and our Grizzly Bear school mascot.

Amber look out!!!

The next funniest thing was that I needed to stay with Lexi but I kept losing her. How you may ask? Well, let's see..... my daughter has long blonde/brownish hair, can you find her?

Is she here?

Or here?

Is that her hair?

Good heavens, it's the stepford wives children, they all freakin look alike!!!

Well, finally the moment arrives when the girls would need to change into their finery and have the grand pictures taken. Alas, the photographer for the special Senior photos did not show up and for some reason a lack of communication only myself and two other parents showed up. The coach calls the photographer and the photographer asks how many parents are there to have pictures taken and she looks around and points to one family and says "one", points to the parents stand near me and says, "two" and then looks at me and says nothing. Coach scans for more parents and says "two, I have two parents here for pictures.". So I speak up and say, "I'm here for pictures with my children and she and another parent say "Would you like to re schedule?". Need I say more? Snobs.

I had to say I laughed so hard at Danielle's comments yesterday about my Father owning all the cattle on the hill. Oh boy, that just made my day!!! It gave me the courage to trot myself out there..... thanks.

Aren't they sweet? A great group of girls......


Danielle said...

TeeHee! Glad you liked it!

You're daughter is very beautiful... actually, you all are. I think you all looked nice. And girl, let me say, if that had been me, I wouldn't have just said, 'We're here.' My flesh is so wicked, I would have got right in her face and been like, 'I know you see me.' bahhahaha!

Rose said...

You all look wonderful~I just love the gals hair! Are you all cheerleaders? God bless and have a wonderful day, Rose