Monday, July 20, 2009

This Is Why You Should Not Kick The Cat....

...... off the bed. Ever since my teenager left for a trip to Florida for her dad's wedding her cat has taken to sleeping in my bed. Now, the two year old makes a nightly habit of crawling in with us also the bed is already crowded. Said cat likes to sleep at my feet, on my head or right at my back. Nightly I engage in battles with Chloe to get her off the bed. Nightly.

Each night I begin with gentle nudges with my feet which she may or may not respond to. Stupid cat. Plan B is my taking a huge body pillow and tap her with it lightly, she doesn't like it. Mike always says, "Just kick the cat!". But, being an animal lover I just can't kick the cat. Stupid cat. So each night Chloe and I engage in a battle for the bed. Last night Chloe was particularly naughty. I awoke to the cat sleeping on my feet. I pulled my feet out from under the cat and gently nudged her through the covers. She would not move. I pulled out my big pillow and plopped it on her. Nothing. I yelled at the cat, nothing. I pushed her this time with my feet and she never moved a muscle. Dang. I decided to sleep diagonally instead, if I engaged with the cat any longer I knew I would not be able to go back to sleep. A bit later I woke up again with the cat on top of my feet. So I got really aggravated and said to myself, "that's it!!". I decided to once again give her a light nudge before I pushed her hard off the bed. So I pull my foot out from the covers and push lightly.

I knew immediately something wasn't right. There was no fur. I sat straight up in the bed horrified......

there he was. Sleeping across the bed at my feet. No covers, just Braxton in his diaper at the foot of my bed. ACK!!!!

Oh my goodness, I almost shoved my sweet two year old off the bed. That would have been guilt with a capital G!!

Some cute Braxton speak:

Me trying to each Braxton another way to lift his butt up so I can change him.

Me: "Braxton, keep your feet down on the bed and lift your butt up in the air."

I show him what to do and then he puts his legs down while I get the diaper. When I am ready I say "Okay Braxton, butt up."

Braxton: "I can't like it 'nother butt up."

And he lifts his legs way up into the air by his head.

Me: Laughing my tail off.


Danielle said...

Oh My! That would have been horrible! But, if it had been the cat--justified.
PTL you didn't kick without looking!

amandalouden said...

Cute. I, on the other hand, HAVE inadvertantly kicked my son off the bed thinking he was the dog. HA HA! good thing he's a deep sleeper!