Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fear of Stepping Out

I do not know why but I feel like God has heavily impressed upon me to talk about fear today.

Fear of stepping out.

Why be afraid? You already know your heavenly Father so well, you love him & you already place so much trust in him. Why be afraid? You know he is sovereign, he is all powerful, you know all of his names. You could teach a class on his names! Yet fear is still there. He wants you to step out, but you are afraid. Step out. Just do it!

What is the worst that could happen? I mean really? But hasn't God spoke it? God does not give us assignments & leave us to fail at them.

TRUST. Beth Moore once said wherever your mind is spewing worry, that is where you do not trust God. That was convicting for me when she said that. Where is your mind spewing worry? What are you afraid of that God wants you to do? You already know He will be working in you and with you to help you accomplish what He asks. His word says so. I feel like I am supposed to say to someone that you are supposed to stop taking "baby steps". STEP OUT fully in the trust we should have in him. Self doubt is your enemy. Fine, empty you of yourself then & fill yourself up with the power of the Holy Spirit!! Can you deny it's power? Can you deny your destiny? Can you deny your calling?

The time is now. This is your time. You have been called & God has counted you worthy to do it. Are we going to argue with God? Are we going to miss our blessing of being obedient to him? Just do it. Maybe you feel completely inadequate because God made you to be full of humble qualities because He planned to use you for so many great things and He didn't want you to become full of yourself! Maybe your self doubt is really a blessing that God did not give you a personality that tends to think much of yourself so that when He worked in you there would be room for Him to work and not your own ego and self worth. Have you ever thought of that? Stop self doubting and realize that you are not inadequate, you are just humble. Being humble is a blessing but it can only be so if you recognize that your lack of being full of confidence if your own abilities makes room for all of God's abilities to work in YOU!! Please re read that last sentence.

If you think you may be so uncomfortable putting yourself out there, how would you like to be a young person who is counted the least in the family and have the task of tending the animals on your farm and have a prophet show up and anoint you King of Israel? Now, is what God has asked of you bigger than that? That is what happened to David and it turned out pretty good for him in the end.

Wouldn't you rather do it on your own before God gives you a push so to speak? Hmmmm........?
Somebody already doesn't like you. Somebody already right now does not want to listen to what you have to say. So fearing that is quite useless, people already don't care and think you are a dork so why are you not doing whatever because people may not like you or your whatever you have to do. Somewhere, someplace somebody already does think those things and it does not affect you one bit. People love Joyce Meyer and google her name, tons of posts saying she is a false teacher. She teaches anyway. People love Christian greats like Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, but tons hate their music too, yes they do. People love Billy Graham, and lots of people think is a false teacher too. Someone will always love you and someone will always not like you. DUH. What we need to be concerned is what does God think about me and what I am doing with what God is moving me to do.

Now, just go do it! Easy peasy.

That was for someone and that's all I can say about that. It may have been for me even.

Have a great day,



Danielle said...

You're a hoot, girl!

Thank you for being obedient to God and posting this.

May all our hearts be pricked to hear and know.

Heart2Heart said...


You are a great source of inspiration for so many. Max Lucado just finished a book called "Fearless" about the very things you have discussed here. I read it and it becomes a great resource when I feel fear regarding anything.

The best thing I took away from this was, writing down a list of all the things you fear and then seeing just how many of them actually come true. Once we see how we can virtually spin out of control, it puts our time back in to perspective!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat