Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Bible Study Class

Here we are, our first ladies bible study at Hillside Community Church in Canton. Or are we in Waleska? Well, it's on the line either way... The picture quality is stinky please forgive me.... but the beauty within is priceless! This is all of us minus 1, she had to leave. We had 12 in all and I loved every minute of it. There I am on the far left, he he.

I am just bursting with some Jesus joy!

What a beautiful night, I sure hope all the ladies had as good a time talking together as I did. I was scared but then after I asked all of you to help me with suggestions on how to not be nervous as I spoke I really took them to heart. My prayer almost the whole way to church was that the study would always bring him glory & honor, that it would be him speaking, his will coming through and that I would speak it fearlessly, speak it clearly and speak it as though I was speaking the very words of God. As you great friends help me out with.

Now, I am no Beth Moore but I am just so stinkin excited that I didn't shake and quiver like a little girl the whole meeting! Truly, that whole speaking thing is so beyond me, God truly does work in us to help us do as he asks us to do. It's him, we just have to let him in.

And I love love love that the ladies spoke up and we discussed things. JOY!!! I love this church, I love the people in it and right now, ha ha, I just love every stinkin body!

I just had to get that out since y'all have had to put up with me yammering about my nerves so I thought you should know God showed up and words came out and I am thinking they all made some sense, lol. Oh, how I pray that the word was received as sweet living water to their souls. I can't wait to hear the next time we meet about the great things going on in their lives with what we talked about tonight.

Okay, it's our turn now. This Friday begins our online study part of "How to Discover God's Will For Your Life". I hope it blesses you as much as it did me.

Love y'all


Danielle said...

How awesome is God! I'm so excited for you that everything went so well. May God continue to show up and women's lives be changed!

Tasha Simons said...

Way to go, Jenny! Praise the Lord! I'm sure you did a wonderful job and that these ladies were blessed by your teaching and sharing.