Friday, September 11, 2009


I am happy today is Friday. Yea, the whole family will be together for the weekend and I am glad. I miss my teenager! If you don't have a teenager yet, let me tell you that their junior year is the last year you get to spend with them if they are active in school and or have a job. Since Lexi began her Senior year, I have hardly seen her and we steal moments late in the evening and try to convince her dad to sleep on the couch so we can snuggle together and talk ourselves to sleep.
Lexi is on the left. She is short and super skinny, she's got some nerve.
Today it is cool and rainy. I like it. My dad just did something really nice for me and I just finished sending out a mass email asking for prayer for a lady I know who just found out she has ovarian cancer. She didn't tell anyone because she didn't want to be a bother to anyone. My hubby and two other gentlemen felt led to go visit her home and so they did and she told them the diagnosis she just received. Surgery is on Tuesday to do a hysterectomy. Would you please pray for her too? She has a hubby and a 12 year old son. Mom and son are coming to church on Sunday. We need to pray for the dad, let's hope Jesus storms in on his heart and he won't know what hit him!
All that to say, today is a day of reflection and gratitude. Our country mourns loss on this day and we will never forget where we were when we found out we were under attack. But we also have so much to be grateful for, we live in the most wonderful country in the world. We can worship, we can pray, we can make a stand for God and spread the good news! I want to do that. I am doing that now instead of just wishing I could somehow make a difference. Thank you Lord for that.
My friends and I can rally around a woman and her family in the community and plan meal deliveries, keep the son preoccupied, comfort the husband, etc. We can pray, one of the best things you can do for someone is pray!
I am also thankful that I have learned to trust and continue to be more firm in that trust. The last two days were not easy. We have had to continue to work through a problem that just does not want to go away and before it would have sent me into complete turmoil and chaos, hand wringing and all. But although I did waiver a bit, I did worry some, and I did let myself get stressed about it, I stopped myself each time and I just said "I will trust in you Lord, with all my heart", I let Him calm me and put my day in His hands. I put my family in His hands and not my own. He was faithful to that and I don't know how God did it but He pulled another saving grace out of nowhere and saved the week. Praise the Lord!! What a relief to have learned to trust fully in Him.
I guess that might be an easy thing to do if you aren't in a situation that requires a move of God and you can just learn it and become faithful to do it before you are dying in this world. I did not do that apparently so I am learning it as I daily need to live by faith and not by sight. Goodness, that is a hard thing to do! But I do it, not always gracefully, but I do it. What a journey......

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Heart2Heart said...

What a beautiful blog post and of course we will lift this lady and her family up in prayer. I know God is capable of doing the impossible and even today, I think people are praying all over for God's blessing on this country to once again become a nation under God and indivisible!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat