Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He is More Than Enough

If you wouldn't mind, would you play the video while you read the post?

Good gravy, not to keep harping on Lysa TerKeurst's video link but WOW, what she talked about just popped out of me yesterday. If you watched it....... remember the part where she says to just say "Well if this is the worst thing that happens to me today, then I've still had a pretty good day." No matter what that thing is, just say that and then focus on the positive and praise & thank God. Well, I guess some things just slip into our subconscious.

I was on the phone last night doing the thing I hate the most (cooking dinner) while I was talking to my mommy. She asked how my foot appt. went. So I gave her the results. I still have to wear the boot for another week at least and wear arch supports. I still have ligament damage on the heel, etc. Basically it was not the news I was looking for and when he pushed on my heel it hurt pretty bad. I was looking forward to being not only my old self again, but better. Being on your butt for awhile can be convicting........ But, he did tell me to start walking on it again. No more walking on the toes. So that was good news! He also did not charge me a single penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? Not a penny. I should have had to pay $70 for the visit and $30 for the 2 X rays and then $$$ for the arch supports he gave me. This is the same doctor who only charged me $70 for my first visit only. He did not charge me for the X rays, the big heavy boot or crutches. PRAISE GOD! Anyhoo, back to the Lysa moment. I was a little sad about dragging around that 15lb boot some more and mom says to me that she is sorry. So I say "Well, if that is the worst thing that happens to me, then I've still had a pretty good day."

It just came out without me even thinking about it! I was smiling as I finished my words and you know what? I realized just how true those words are! Some days are tough, of all the people in the world I feel quite qualified to be able to vouch for that..... but I have learned and still continue to learn that as long as I have Jesus as my Savior, it's still a good day. As long as the Holy Spirit lives in me, it's still a good day. As long as I will go home to my heavenly Father one day and spend eternity with him, it's still a good day. I enjoyed saying it, I think I need to say that more often.

You know what else I thought of last night? I know that God placed the memory of the foot doctor in my husband's head when we were scrambling to make that first arrangement when I broke the heel. I forgot all about him, that is for sure. I know for certain God directed us there to him. But, I just could not for the life of me think of why he would not charge me anything at all for yesterday's visit. It was just so nice of him, not that he isn't nice, his whole family is very nice!! Very great people. But, why nothing yesterday or so little at all. Then it hit me as I was cooking dinner that years and years ago, maybe 6 or 7, he had a beautiful home built not far from us and his builder was taking his sweet time and charging him WAY too much money. He wanted to move in and get the house finished but the builder was not cooperating. I have this vague memory of my hubby who is a home builder/remodeler helping to finish the doctor's house. I want to say as this memory is very vague that Mike went over there a few times and had called in his subcontractors to do work for him & he paid the subs directly and Mike I want to say made sure the house got finished quickly and Mike did not charge him anything for his help. Why would you charge a friend anyway Mike said. So I wondered if he had remembered about that and knew we were having a hard financial year & had no health insurance so he repayed a favor or if he forgot just like Mike & I both did & he was just doing a wonderful godly favor to a family he knew that was just hurting at the time. Hmmm, I shall never know but God sure does and I am so happy he reminded my hubby of the foot doctor for sure!! Isn't that awesome? God does provide, whatever your need, He is our provider. We just need to look to Him and daily focus on Him. He doesn't want to be just our provider though, a mistake I once made. God is not JUST our provider and when I started spending time daily in the bible I began to really come to know God and his character and it was very interesting how He reveals himself to us through his word in unique ways.

Have a great day,



Heart2Heart said...


See God has it all worked out for you and your hubby! He is looking out for you!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tasha Simons said...

So glad you are enjoying God as your provider. Nice music. It's great to hear the hope in your voice as you write. Sorry about your foot, but that's a great attitude you have, Jenn.