Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Praise God

Today at 4pm I go to get my foot X Rayed. I am in high hopes that he tells me my fracture is healed. Please please pretty please! Goodness, I am so out of sorts due to this foot injury. We don't even want to discuss the state of affairs in my house or the laundry room. ARGH!!!! I want him to tell me I can take off the boot and that I can walk on it once again. Due to the fact that we have no health insurance I have not taken any chances and have not put a single bit of pressure on the heel of my right foot since it happened. I need it to heal quickly & without any surgery. Continued pressure can chip the bone I hear and it requires surgery. No way Jose!!! So, we shall see!!

On the other hand, I was wondering if anyone watched the link I put up yesterday to Lysa TerKeurst's blog? The one about the most powerful two word prayer? Specifically the first 3 minutes where she speaks about God's will for us. We have been doing the study on "How To Discover God's Will For Your Life" and by the way, the final 2 parts will post this Friday!!! But in going through the whole process myself (and seeing it work!) and studying every scripture that the Bible has in it concerning God's discovering God's will for us it shows very clearly that in order to be in God's will we must also line up our lives in His will also. I have been trying to figure out how to reconcile this in words that make sense and don't send people running. What I am saying is that in order to do God's will we have to get ourselves lined up to be willing to be conformed into His likeness. If we are going to do His will then we will have to surrender all and be willing to start a transformation of ourselves. That sends people running!

I really liked the way Lysa put it yesterday. She said without quoting her exactly, we like to think of God's will as something we do, some task or calling. But what if God's will wasn't so much about what we do as it is who we become. (Did you get that?) Once we line ourselves up with who we are supposed to be, then what we are supposed to do will naturally and gently unfold before us. YES!!! That is it exactly and she worded it so beautifully that I don't think people would go running for the hills. I sure do love me some Lysa! Why couldn't I have thought of that? Well, she has a lot more years under her belt of writing and speaking than I sure do so I guess it makes sense that someone more eloquent could find the right words, ha ha. God bless her sweet anointed soul.

If you have been reading the study it is just pack full of attitudes we should be putting on and attitudes we should be shaking off. The study about finding God's will if you look at it hard seems more like a study on how to transform yourself into the likeness of Christ, of God the Father. It truly does, but I could see from the scriptures and from God taking me through this whole process all of 2008 and half of 2009 that it was imperative that the transformation take place before He would use me. Of course there were times that being a willing vessel that He used me in the past and I did as I was asked. But, to seek out truly living in His will daily, daily I say, He clearly presented to me that a great transformation was going to be needed. Honestly, it was a difficult thing for me to accept that there was that much work in me to do. I am a really nice person! I am funny!!!! I have a compassionate heart that just aches to help people and I do. I had no idea there was so much to work on in me, ha ha. SHEW!!!!! It was a tremendously humbling experience, let me tell ya. But one I treasure.

I was just wondering if anyone watched the link and what you thought of it. God did take me through a season of having to learn to praise him and thank him no matter what. Trusting in Him. That was a HUGE part of the work I had to do last year and I can tell you from one who has gone through it that just thanking God and praising God in every circumstance, yes every circumstance is crucial. How can I say that you may ask? Well, I can say it because God sure let know I needed to do it and I did learn to do it though the years. I did it through a rape, I did it through a child who was sexually molested, I did it through a baby who was dying in the hospital (she survived yes!!), yes I have done it and God came each and every time he heard me praising him and thanking him for his love for us, for guiding us. I had a hard time doing it when it was a money issue and we were losing everything we had & God laid it hard on me to still be happy before the situation got better and to praise him and thank him no matter what. Lysa has a great sermon to preach on that through the link yesterday. If you haven't watched it, please do! If you want to come closer to God, it is something you will need to get rooted deep in you. Trusting, praising, thanking. Easy to do lightly when you don't have to so please, please get it deep in you before something awful comes along and you really need it only to discover those roots didn't run all that deep.

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Heart2Heart said...


Your last sentence drives this point home for the very reason we have faith in God. Some people believe it's only to be blessed and be gifted with all that God has to offer yet look so hopeless when troubled waters appear! Well said and I hope you check out my post for tomorrow on God's will versus My will!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

I'll definitely have to go back and check out Lysa's video. I've been thinking about your question as to why people aren't more open to the message of what God can do in and for their lives. As it relates to myself, I believe in God's power. And I believe in His power to transform other people's lives. But for some reason, I have doubts that He could work in my own life. Not that He's not able, but more like why would He help me? When there are other people with greater needs or greater talents. And I'm just me - nothing special.

Learning to fully trust God is definitely an area I need to work on. We just found out yesterday that Dave has two enlarged lymph nodes that will need to be removed. So I'm going to have plenty of opportunities in the near future to put trust in God.

Mary Ellen